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The time has come! My favoritest show in the history of ever is back. “So You Think You Can Dance” has brightened my last four summers and I’m so pleased that it continues to gain the popularity that it deserves. These dancers are the REAL THING, people!

Last night was the first show since the top 20 dancers were named in Vegas, so it’s time for the real competition to get underway… as promised, let the recapping begin!

Jeanine and Phillip | Hip Hop | “Mad”
It was nice to see Phillip sort of in his element with the popping and locking, but with a bit more of a story to the choreography than we usually see from him. I think Jeanine did a good job of holding her own, although her timing seemed slightly off at a few points. Not blown away by the choreography (by Napoleon and Tabitha) — it had hints of last season’s “Bleeding Love,” which was ridiculously amazing, but I didn’t feel like this number was nearly as innovative. Overall though, nice performance and I look forward to seeing more from these two.

Asuka and Vitolio | Broadway | “Hot Honey Rag”
How adorable is Asuka? I just enjoy her. However, I am torn over this number… I think they did a decent job, but Tyce’s choreography seemed to be more about acting than dancing. I feel like I have had the same problem with his work in past seasons, and I don’t feel like the dancers had the opportunity to shine. It did not highlight their abilities, even though Mary Murphy thought they were “playing it safe” (get back on the hot tamale train and shove it, Mary). I hope they get the chance to stick around after this week because I think they both have a lot more to give.

Karla and Jonathan | Cha-cha | “Poker Face
I don’t really remember these two from auditions or Vegas week at all, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I definitely found myself watching Jonathan more than Karla… I thought her performance fell a little flat and there wasn’t nearly as much booty-shaking as there should have been. The dance also seemed a little slow at a few points. Overall, it was a decent first performance, and the judges seemed to think it was perfect, but I wasn’t that blown away. (PS, I can no longer hear this song without thinking of Justin Timberlake’s hilarious “Mediocre Face” from SNL.) (PPS, did Mary just say “if it’s not rough, it’s not fun”? Eww.)

Randi and Evan | Jazz | “I Only Have Eyes For You”
I liked both of these dancers from Vegas week: she of the unitard, he of the musical theatre fabulousness. Both quirky and cute and amazing dancers. Tyce’s choreography was MUCH improved this time, and it was a really sexy number. I am loving the power and passion these two dancers have with every single move, and Adam got it right when he said that they danced like they were eight feet tall. SO much strength for two fairly tiny dancers! This number was pretty much flawless in my eyes. I have high hopes for both of these dancers and can’t wait to see more from them.

Paris and Tony | Hip Hop | “Let the Beat Rock
I have to give the girl props for rocking pleather pants. I do not envy her for whomever made that wardrobe decision. Paris definitely held this number together, I thought. Tony didn’t have as much precision towards the end and it looked like he was losing momentum, which is rough because hip hop is his forté. I wanted him to be this season’s Ivan (from season 2) in terms of improvement, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. For once I agree with Mary that it’s not really a memorable number, and it wasn’t good enough for them to be safe this week. We shall see.

Caitlin and Jason | Bollywood | “Jai Ho”
In Vegas I thought she was too skinny and he was adorable. This dance was extremely fast, and I felt like Caitlin couldn’t keep up at many points. Jason definitely ruled this number and was amazing — his dancing truly looked effortless — but I couldn’t stop being distracted by Caitlin’s late timing. I’m really surprised that the judges didn’t say more about that aside from one little comment Adam made. The verdict is still out on her, but I’m assuming they’ll be safe this week.

Janette and Brandon | Foxtrot | “Come Fly With Me”
These two both blew me away with their auditions and during Vegas week. Usually, I find the foxtrot boring and I originally wished they had gotten a more interesting dance, but they did a really great job and they were very convincing as ballroom dancers. It was one of the more exciting foxtrots that I’ve seen on this show. That spin/lift craziness at the end was bananas and executed beautifully. Oh, and how pretty was her flowy pink costume? Mary totally outed herself with the Botox comment, and I love Janette for her reaction. I see these two going very, very far in this competition.

Ashley and Kupono | Jazz | “Felt Mountain”
Thank goodness Wade Robson is back choreographing this season. His numbers are always so amazing and I love his conceptual choreography. This one was particularly weird, but AWESOMELY weird. I think they executed it flawlessly and it was absolutely entrancing. The audience didn’t seem to “get” it by the show of their applause, but I thought it was spectacular. Sidenote: I love that Ashley finally made the top 20 after auditioning for four seasons and never making it. That shows commitment and dedication and I want her to go very far.

Melissa and Ade | Contemporary | “Right Here Waiting”
I heart Mandy Moore’s choreography (remember Sabra and Neil’s “Sweet Dreams” from season three?). I hate her Richard Marx song choice (eww) but this number was pretty stunning. Melissa is definitely a ballerina and I love that she was able to flaunt her technique in this number (at the “ripe old age of 29,” as she says… which, sadly, is old for a dancer). Ade made the lifts and spins look completely effortless and I thought they had great chemistry together onstage and they were completely in sync. Is it me or did this routine seem to go by more quickly than the others? I think they’ll definitely be safe this week.

Kayla and Max | Samba | “Jum Bah Day”
Oh this song reminds me of Dmitri from season two :-) I LOVED Kayla throughout auditions and Vegas (her tearily proud grandfather made me cry like a baby); didn’t know who Max was until he made the top 20. Max is a ballroom dancer so he was obviously in his element, but Kayla totally brought it! She seemed like such a natural. This whole number was seriously stunning and flawless (and unfortunately that warranted a Mary screech… blech). I can’t wait to see more from these two! They’re obviously making it through to next week.

Predictions for the bottom three couples:
Asuka and Vitolio
Karla and Jonathan
Paris and Tony

Who I think should go home tomorrow night:
Karla and Tony

Additional thoughts:
• Only Cat Deeley could pull off that dress. It’s ugly, yet everything looks fabulous on her. I love her.
• Mary Murphy is more annoying than ever.
• The Shankman i
s more loveable as ever.

Disclaimer: these are just my opinions. Please be nice in the comments as this is all in good fun :-)


  1. Brooke – Well – there is a strong top 20 this year. I think it is pretty hard to say that there is a clear favorite. The show started off with a BANG and just kept going. While there were a few portions in some of the routines that culd have used help – overall no one looked like tehy didn't belong. I couldn't agree with you more about Wayde Robson! I think that Kupono is FABULOUS and really blew me away this week. I was so disappointed in Tony, he really struggled! I almost LOST it when Mary outed herself. Looking forward to your thoughts on the tonight's cuts…

  2. Such a great show! I couldn't handle Mary Murphy's screeching last night though so I let the boy choose what we should watch. Wipeout, anyone? No? Didn't think so. Oh well. One of these days we'll get a remote and then I can just mute it when she talks. In the meantime I stay posted with your reviews! :-)

  3. I thought last night was such a strong start, and it got me so excited for the rest of the season. I definitely agree with your reviews. It will be intersting to see who goes home tonight. I am glad that Wade Robinson is back and some of the other choreographers.

  4. Omg, I skipped over this post earlier today, but I JUST got caught up with last nights episode (yay DVR!) so I had to come back and read your analysis, haha. I love love love this show!! Anyways, my faves were Jeanine & Phillip, Ashley & Kupono (crazy bizarre awesome routine) and Melissa & Ade…

  5. Can I just say that I agree with EVERYTHING you said? And I don't usually do that. We must be on the same SYTYCD wavelength. =)

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