SYTYCD season 6 | top 18

Sorry for the delay with this… been a busy few days!


  • Noelle’s voice is a little grating. And her dancing did not do much for me.
  • I was surprised by how much I liked the Viennese Waltz that Ashleigh and Jakob performed. Definitely a highlight, and I’m disliking her less than I have so far this season. Jakob is phenomenal.
  • I cannot stop looking at Bianca’s unpointed feet. Yuck.
  • Is it me or does the camera work suck this season?
  • I liked the Bollywood number, but I could do without all the props this week. They just become distracting when each couple only gets a short amount of time to dance.
  • Even though their samba was a little off, I really like Channing.
  • I found NappyTab’s choreography for Karen and Kevin almost offensive. Really, how many booty rolls can there be? This is a DANCE competition. Not a booty-off.
  • Thank you, Stacy Tookey. That amazing contemporary number that Kathryn and Legacy performed is the kind of choreography I’ve been looking for this season! I think they’re a favorite couple of mine.
  • Mary should not wear that dress ever again.
  • Absolutely loved Wade’s number, but what else is new… he’s a genius. I found the artwork background very distracting, though. Too many changes this season with the set and they have not proven to be postive ones.
  • Ellenore danced like a pro with her dress stuck to her shoe through most of her tango with Ryan! They have a very professional look about them when they dance.
  • The show most definitely improved overall towards the end.

Tonight’s dances and my grades:

  1. Noelle + Russell | Hip Hop | “Move Shake Drop Remix” | C
  2. Ashleigh + Jakob | Viennese Waltz | “At Last” | A-
  3. Bianca + Victor | Broadway | “Maybe God Is Trying to Tell You Something” | B-
  4. Mollee + Nathan | Bollywood | “Azeem O Shaan Shadenshah” | B+
  5. Channing + Phillip | Samba | “Maracatu Funk ” | B-
  6. Karen + Kevin | Hip Hop | “Ice Cream Paint Job” | B-
  7. Kathryn + Legacy | Contemporary | “2 Steps Away” | A
  8. Pauline + Peter | Jazz | “Little Green Bag” | A
  9. Ellenore + Ryan | Argentine Tango | “Violentango” | A

SPOILER ALERT | Bottom 4 and Going Home
Bottom 4: Noelle, Bianca, Victor, Phillip
Going Home: Bianca and Phillip
I think it was Bianca’s time to go… her technique is just not strong enough to last in this competition. I’m surprised that Phillip is going home, although I don’t think Victor should have gone; the guys are all really strong this year but I think Kevin could have been a contender for the bottom 4. I can’t believe that Phillip’s father died a week and a half before he got voted off… I had no idea.


  1. I am 100% with you on the contemporary – it was by far my favorite part of the night. But then. I have a total bias for the "bboy that leanrs to truly love dance" story – see Ivan and Dominic.

    This is actually the first time I've had a chance to tune in this season and I have to say that the camera work and backgrounds were distracting and irritating. I tuned in to see dance, not closeups of faces and flashing, checkerboard backgrounds.

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