SYTYCD season 6 | top 14

I think it’s finally happened — So You Think You Can Dance finally got it’s mojo back!

Did you feel it, too? Tuesday’s performance show was the first time this season that I felt really excited and inspired by the dancers and the choreography. Honestly the only dance I didn’t like was Karen and Kevin’s, and the judges were pretty much on the same page there. I was blown away by Ellenore and Ryan, totally impressed by Kathryn and Legacy, and pleasantly surprised by Jakob and Ashleigh. Although their dance got mixed reviews, I really dug Channing and Victor. Overall, it was the kind of dancing and choreography that I feel like this season has been lacking thus far.

I thought the group performance on Wednesday’s results show was nothing short of spectacular (thank you, Wade Robson), but I was really bummed later in the evening to find out that Channing got the boot — I really liked her and thought Karen should have gone home — but Kevin’s departure was expected. His technique just isn’t where it should be at this point in the competition.

What did you think? Are you back on the bandwagon (if you had taken a brief jump off)?


  1. We were saying this very thing – the season's been so meh, but this week finally showed some excitement and promise. I liked Kevin, so I was sad to see him go, but I can understand why he got the boot.

    Ellenore is my little dark horse this season: I think she's been underestimated.

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