sunny day

The sun finally decided to show its face today after NINE. STRAIGHT. DAYS. of rain in Philadelphia. Here’s hoping the weekend stays sunny!

I’m looking forward to getting lots accomplished this weekend while Nick is off visiting his mom for Mother’s Day… maybe I’ll actually hold myself accountable for getting these things done if I write them here. Here’s my list:

  • write a few thank you notes
  • dust the apartment
  • clean all the windows in the apartment (or at least the ones I can reach)
  • finish Mod Podge-ing the Ikea mirrors for our hallway
  • order an 8×10 print from our wedding for the new frame I got at Ikea
  • take ALLLLLL of my clothes out of their drawers/closets/mountains and organize every. single. thing. and fill up at least one (maybe two?) huge bags for Goodwill
  • write a new recap post for Weddingbee
  • treat my mom to lunch for Mother’s Day
  • de-clutter my desk
  • de-clutter the bookshelf in our bedroom
  • clean out under the bed (yuck)

Yes…. this is probably more than one human can possibly do in a weekend. But if I get at least a few things checked off, I’ll feel better!

Happy weekend!


  1. Ah you are so ambitious. I need to do at least half of those things too! I had the day off today and had high hopes of cleaning the house… five minutes into wiping down the kitchen counters I found myself taking apart the stovetop and compulsively cleaning all the crap out of the burners. Took me like 2 hours to soak and scrub all the pieces then put it all back together. My house is still a mess but oh is my stove sparkling.

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