rainbow connection

Two reasons why this photo is spectacular:

1. My mom took it on her iPhone and emailed it to me. This is quite a feat for my mom who is still learning her way around computers and gadgets. Nice progress, Mom! If you look to the left of the big rainbow, you’ll see a second faint rainbow. (I saw a double-rainbow of my own about 10 minutes later, several miles away, but didn’t grab a photo. It was maybe the brightest, largest, most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen.)

2. Yesterday was a miserable, rainy day for a large portion of the day, but this beauty is what showed up at the end. My week felt miserable and rainy, too (in the symbolic sense), dealing with some crap, and I’m hoping there’s a rainbow awaiting soon for the people that I love.

Happy weekend.


  1. We saw the double rainbow, too! The inside one was *super* bright and they stayed out for quite a long time. I kept watching just to soak in all of its beauty :)

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