on the town

The other night, Nick and I came across “On the Town” on TCM. I have actually never seen this film (I have no idea how this one slipped past me), but aside from the charming Gene Kelly in a sailor suit (they just don’t make movie stars like that anymore… sigh), the thing that stood out to me the most was the fabulous green dress that Ann Miller is wearing during “Prehistoric Man.” The style… the fit… the adorable black-and-white plaid collar with matching lining that you can see when she dances! I wish I had an excuse to wear such a spectacular getup.

If you want to watch the whole number, be my guest!



  1. Ooo I love the dress. I haven't heard of the movie either. It has just become #1 on my Netflix lineup.

  2. Jason and I also caught this when it aried, maybe a third of the way in. I loved how every bar they went to had the same dancers, but doing a different theme. :) We are still cracking up about the Cooch (sp!) dancers!

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