Number 22

What a fantastic weekend I had in New York. I go several times a year, but sometimes it’s fun to really be a tourist in the city, which is not something I always do. My tourist-status allowed me to check a few more things off of my 101 in 1001 list. First up:

22. See a Tony Award winning musical on Broadway

My mom and I got tickets to see In the Heights, winner of the 2008 Tony Award for Best Musical. It was absolutely wonderful. Great story, great music, great characters, great dancing, great set, great talent. I have seen my fair share of Broadway shows, and no matter the cost, I truly believe that the experience of attending live theatre is worth every penny. I’m always blown away by the immense talent that fits onto one stage, and I’m so lucky to live close enough to New York to take advantage.

On our way to the show on Thursday night, my mom and I decided to stop by the theatre next door where Billy Elliot was playing to see if they had any tickets available for Friday night. We’re rarely in the city long enough to see more than one show, so why not take advantage of our long-weekend trip? We had both heard a bit of buzz surrounding Billy, and I am such a fan of the movie, so I was really curious to see the musical adaptation.

Lo and behold, they had just had a cancellation for Friday night — two seats, third row orchestra. Um, yes please, we’ll take ’em.

As much as I loved ITH, I have to say that Billy Elliot was, perhaps, the most amazing show I have ever seen. Maybe it’s the third row seats talking (I mean, come on…. third. freaking. row!), but it was honestly flawless in my eyes. The actors were spectacular, the story was hilarious and tear-inducing all at the same time, and the young boy who played Billy (Kiril Kulish at this particular performance) was ridiculously talented. (Mark my words: that kid is going to be a huge star.) I was absolutely blown away by the dancing. I would not be surprised if this show sweeps the 2009 Tonys. If you have the opportunity — go see it!!!


  1. Nick’s mother and sister have seen it (seriously) countless times. They both have the soundtracks too! Needless to say they’re taking me to London to see it, I hope I enjoy it as much as you did!

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