Dear Target:

You know how much I adore you. Since you first came into my life about eleven years ago, you have never served me wrong. Anything I need, you have, and you always provide pretty packaging to make me smile. But the other day, you scared me. While in your presence for a mere ten minutes to pick up a prescription, I saw two very disturbing things in the women’s clothing department, both of which I was able to capture with the stealth use of my iPhone camera.

Exhibit A:

Gold lamé leggings.

Exhibit B:

At least five racks of bathing suits. Mostly bikinis.

Okay, so I get the whole leggings fad — not necessarily my bag, but I think some people can pull them off quite nicely. But gold lamé leggings? Why, Target… why? I know some fads of the 80s are coming back into fashion, but lamé is not something we ever need to see again. The only encouraging thing about sighting this atrocity in your store is that they were marked 30% off, so clearly I’m not the only one who isn’t dying to get my hands on a pair.

And… the bathing suits. Now, I know that many people visit tropical destinations throughout the year and said people may need to purchase a new swimsuit for their travels. But several racks of bathing suits when it is 22 degrees outside in January? A bit much, I must say. Also not a very kind gesture since I’m still recovering from the excessive eating that has occurred over the last few weeks of holiday gluttony, and I’m not feeling what you would call “bikini-ready.” I feel like you’re just taunting me with your racks upon racks of bikinis, Target, and I don’t appreciate it.

I still love you, Target, but I am expecting you to redeem yourself in the coming months. I would hate for our eleven years of bliss to be tarnished any further. I’ll be watching.



  1. First off: hi! Found you through your old WB blog on blogspot, and I’m loving the fact that you are continuing on post wedding! I also hail from the Philly area (but live in New Haven CT now) so it was so much fun to read about all of your wedding exploits at places I know so well!

    Post specific: yikes. Bad American Apparel knockoffs are nothing to write home about, and yes, seeing all of those bikinis are freaking depressing. Gold lame is bad–but when you start seeing purple, pink and other colors (like I recently spotted at the KoP AA store), that’s when you should be worried about good old Target. ;-)

  2. Thanks for your comment! I’m still going to be posting our wedding recaps on Weddingbee, but we’re still (im)patiently awaiting our wedding proofs on disc, so I needed somewhere to expend my extra blogging energy in the meantime :-) So glad you’ve enjoyed my wedding posts in the past… where in Philly are you from?

    Yikes, if I see purple lame, I might have to seriously reconsider my devotion to Target! Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that….

  3. Havertown was where I was born, but sadly I was raised in freaking Downingtown, which is only known as the town with the first Auntie Anne’s, the creepy Mickey Rooney hotel, and the fabulous Victory Brewery (and let me tell you, the envious looks I get from some of my local wine and premium beer purveyors when I say that my inlaws live three blocks from it are crazy!).

    To be honest, I’m on total wedding fatigue–I got married a few weeks after you in October, and I’m more excited to show people our Italy pictures than our wedding website… :-D

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