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I don’t read many fashion blogs. I love pretty clothes and accessories as much as the next person, but so many fashion-related blogs and websites focus on items that are just not feasible with a petite budget like mine. Hey, I’ve been rocking my $30 Target boots over my $34 Gap Outlet skinny jeans and accessorizing with my favorite $6 Target earrings… and I’m mighty proud of it. But as much as I pride myself in my thrifty ways, it’s hard to read high-fashion blogs without feeling discouraged that I simply can’t afford that stunning $400 coat or those drool-inducing $250 riding boots.

The one fashion blog that I read consistently is What I Wore, written by Jessica Schroeder. Jessica has built a stunning, fashionable, and budget-friendly wardrobe with a few key “splurge” pieces, plenty of vintage flair, and loads of creative styling. While I’m certainly nowhere near having my act together as much as Jessica in terms of my closet, she has opened my eyes to getting creative with fun and inexpensive accessories, re-styling vintage (or Target!) pieces, and building a style all my own without blowing my budget.

photos via What I Wore

Jessica has just started a series called Build Your Wardrobe that I plan to sink my teeth into (when I have the time… ha) to make better use of the pieces I have without feeling like I need a new wardrobe every time the seasons change. (Because without fail, I always think I have “nothing to wear” when the weather gets colder… or warmer… or whatever.) I’d also like to add a few key items that I’m missing, which will hopefully make it easier to pull specific looks together on the fly.

If you haven’t already checked out WIW, get thee there pronto. Oh! And if you’re planning a wedding (or you just like weddings), Jessica is newly engaged and has started blogging about her wedding vision and plans at What I Wore Down the Aisle. I absolutely cannot wait to see how fabulously she styles her wedding day!


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