A little hiatus….

Photo by The Wiebners

Pardon my absence lately… things may be a little quiet over here on Claremont Road for a short while as I dive into my wedding recaps on Weddingbee. It’s been five months since our wedding and we just got all of our digital files, so I’m anxious to dive in! If you’re interested, take a look (or you can also view them on my personal wedding blog — the content is one and the same).

Enjoy! I’ll be back to regular posting soon.


  1. Your photos are incredible! It looks like you had a perfect day! Thanks so much for posting – I am getting married in July and you are such an inspiration!

  2. Awww, thank you Meghan! I hope you check out Weddingbee if you haven’t already… there are some amazing bloggers over there writing about their wedding plans.

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