SYTYCD | top 4 | finals!!!

I love the excitement of the finals! The fact that tonight’s show is at the Kodak Theatre speaks to how much this show has grown over five seasons. Let’s see what the dancers have in store…

Top 4 | “Boys Boys Boys”
I was not expecting a cheerleader-themed routine from Wade Robson. Not my favorite Wade number… I guess it was cute and had some good moves, but it felt very bubblegummy and un-Wade-like. Come on, choreographers… don’t screw this up!

Jeanine and Evan | Jazz | “Heartbreaker”
If you don’t know by now, I am 100% Team Jeanine. I think Sonya’s choreography is perfect for her so I was really excited to see this number. I have to agree with Mary (I know, I don’t believe it either) that Jeanine definitely outshone Evan, but they both did a great job.

Kayla and Brandon | Broadway | “Bye Bye Love”
THIS is what Broadway routines should look like! More dancing, less theatrics. I like the theatrics and all, but this is a dance show!!! Sometime Tyce forgets that. Their turns got really out of sync at one point and a jump after that wasn’t together, but otherwise it was pretty incredible. Certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Evan and Brandon | Hip Hop | “Nasty”
Laurieann Gibson choreography for the finale? Okaaaaaay. Anyway…. We’ve already established that Evan looks ridiculous in leather. And I just thought this choreography was not up to par for the finale. I think I saw a grapevine in there. And this whole “dueling boys” thing was done so much better in the last two seasons. This did nothing for either of their chances. Ick.

Kayla and Jeanine | Contemporary | I have no idea what the song was because…
MY FREAKING CABLE WAS ALL MESSED UP AND LOST 90% OF THIS NUMBER! Just gone. Went from commercial right into the last 15 seconds of the dance. I am PISSED. GRRRRRR. According to the judges reviews, it was amazing. This better show up on YouTube ASAP!
UPDATE: fellow-Philly peeps, I found a video here!

Kayla and Evan | Jive | “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.”
I thought Kalya looked extremely desperate in this number. Not sure what it was but I think she kind of overdid it to the point of being obnoxious, despite how much Nigel loved it. Evan did a nice job and he did great with the lifts, but overall it was “meh.” The damn lighting was also so bright that half the time they were both glowing (but they’re also both extremely pale?).

Jeanine and Brandon | Paso Doblé | “Tetsujin”
Kind of telling that they saved this number for last… but maybe that’s me just being biased! The Paso Doblé can be a kiss of death for some couples, but I think they totally killed it. The two of them with their intensity and their sex appeal and their outright awesomeness… just stunning!


Brandon | “Dies Irae”
His body is made of steel! And his solos make more use out of 30 seconds than I have ever seen before. There is no question that he is an incredible dancer, and an equally convincing performer.

Jeanine | “Por Una Cabeza”
Her control is unbelievable. I think that is what always impresses me about her solos… she just has complete control over every movement. I love that she got so emotional after her solo and that the judges never saw her coming a few months ago. TEAM JEANINE!

Evan | “The Best is Yet to Come”
Let’s face it: Evan is not going to win this competition. But the boy is SO likable — and talented, to boot — and I still love watching him. He is nowhere near Brandon’s level, but he’s exceptionally good at what he does. I’m glad he has made it this far.

Kayla | “Sweet Dreams”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — her solos are not that strong. She does well with the choreography that is given to her but I did not think this was her best and she didn’t make great use of those 30 seconds. We all know she’s a phenomenal dancer. But her solos don’t give me chills like Jeanine’s and Brandon’s.

– – – – – – – –

Who I’m voting for:
Starts with a “J” and ends with a “neen.” :-)

SYTYCD | week 8 elimination

Beautiful (and really, really different) opening number to “Send in the Clowns.” It’s nice to have a more ballad-y, refined number, as opposed to some of the more wacky and fast-paced performances that are typical for the group numbers. I really enjoyed this one.

Cat’s wardrobe selection: questionable. Yet she still rocks it.

Did I mention to you that I’m nerding it up with my BFF and going to see the dancers on tour this fall? Hollaaaaa ;-) This will be our third appearance on a SYTYCD tour. Hehe.

I actually clapped like a little child when Cat announced that Jeanine had made it through to next week’s finale. She 100% deserves it and I’m so glad that my 24 votes last night counted! (Seriously… I voted for her 24 times. I am like a teenager when it comes to this show. It’s a little sad.) I only voted for Brandon 9 times. But it looks like that paid off as well ;-)

I’m so pleased that they’re bringing back dancers from past seasons to perform some favorite numbers… hello, Katee and Twitch performing “Mercy”! One of the best numbers from last season, without a doubt. And, oops! — I had kind of forgotten about Jessica and Will! Chelsie was one of my faves last season and it was nice to see her return with Joshua (who finally cut his hair! So much better), AND with Mark for the stunning “Bleeding Love” number. But the Jabbawockies (or however they spell it)… I have to admit that those masks thoroughly freak me out.

Melissa is a beautiful dancer, and although I agree that it was her time to go home (because Kayla is too amazing to not be in the finals), I am thrilled that she made it so far and I hope she has a lucrative career as a dancer in some capacity. I have been unexcited by Ade for a few weeks now, so I am glad that Evan is moving on to the finals and Ade is heading home. He’s a very entertaining dancer… I just don’t think his strengths were in partnering or technique — he was more spins and tricks to me.

So, I got my prediction mojo back! I’m THRILLED that next week’s final will be between Jeanine, Kayla, Brandon and Evan. Can’t wait!

SYTYCD | top 6

I can hardly believe that the semi-finals are upon us and the finals are next week… this season has flown by! Let’s see what the top 6 have in store for us this week.

Top 3 guys | Jazz | “True Romance”
Sonya never disappoints me. I don’t think anyone else’s brain would have ever come up with this concept and routine, but I loved it. I thought all three guys did a great job, even Ade who I’ve been not so impressed with lately. I have seen some Evan-hatin’ out there in the last week or so but I still think he’s been a really strong competitor. Hey, he may be a little goofy looking and not your typical “dancer,” but I like him.

Top 3 girls | Contemporary | “Kick It”
So glad BOTH groups got Sonya numbers. And I am loving the superhero concept! Very apropos for these strong ladies. I felt like Kayla and Jeanine were really in sync with each other, but Melissa was a little off a few times that stood out to me. I absolutely loved this number, though (and how cute is Cat, wanting to be in their “gang”… teehee). Excellent way to round off the evening.


Jeanine and Ade | Samba | “LoveGame”
Suggestive yet classy, eh, Jeanine? Don’t know if I’d go that far :-) Regardless, I thought this was a fun number with lots of personality. Jeanine turned up the heat (OMG am I starting to sound like Mary Murphy and her horribly cliché analogies?!), but once again, I’m just not as impressed with Ade as everyone else seems to be. I think any flaws in the performance were due to him being a weak partner. I hope Jeanine can recover from that.

Melissa and Evan | Broadway | “Get Me to The Church on Time”
These two definitely have the perfect “Broadway” quality for this number. Of course Evan is the pro but Melissa was also great as the bride. Lots of personality and fun and some great jumps… I’m not sure it’s semi-finals-worthy, though. It was really cute. But it was kind of just another fluffy Tyce routine, no? Meh.

Kayla and Brandon | Contemporary | “All I Want”
Ooooh Stacey is back with her amazing choreography! And wow. This was really beautiful. THIS is what the semi-finals should be about, in terms of the choreography. These two were pretty much flawless and I think they were given something really challenging to work with. Plus — not that this has anything to do with their dancing — but how stunning was the contrast of their beautiful skin-tones? Truly gorgeous performance.

Jeanine and Ade | Hip Hop | “Move (If You Wanna)”
I love Jeanine’s bad-ass hip hop face! Unfortunately, though, I just didn’t feel like this choreography was on the level that the semi-finals should be. And that really makes me mad because I want Jeanine to win and I don’t think she’s been given great material/a great partner. I thought they did a good job (although I coudn’t see Ade’s face at all under that hat) and the box concept was clever. But it wasn’t phenomenal.

Melissa and Evan | Quickstep | “As Long As I’m Singin'”
Ugh. Quickstep. Usually a kiss of death. I think they did a somewhat convincing job, although the timing seemed a little funky in some parts. Other parts looked a little forced and uncomfortable. Okay, so maybe not all that convincing after all. Not really entirely memorable for me. I think this will put them at risk.

Kayla and Brandon | Disco | “Dance (Disco Heat)”
These two seriously lucked out this week with really strong choreography. Disco can be tough if the couple is lacking in energy, but as long as the energy is there it’s usually a crowd-pleaser. And the energy was flippin’ ON tonight. These two have proven that they can master pretty much any style. Their synchronization was incredible and every move was incredibly tight and strong! Loved it.


Kayla | “You Found Me”
A little erratic there, Kayla. We all know she’s a beautiful dancer with beautiful legs. Sometimes I just wish there were some more defined movements. But whatevs — girlfriend can dance, no question.

Ade | “18th Floor Balcony”
Definitely one of his better solos. I am kind of starting to feel like he has the Caitlyn-syndrome, though — strong solos, but not a good partner.

Melissa | “I Put a Spell On You”
Pretty. But I dunno. Could have used a bit more “oomph” and passion, if you asked me.

Brandon | “O’Fortuna”
Holy muscles. Boy is RIPPED. This solo was simply incredible and a reminder of why he’s here and why he should most definitely be in the finals next week. I mean, COME ON. Standing ovation!

Jeanine | “Feedback”
Still the queen of solos for the ladies. So refined and polished and interesting without being frantic. She makes the best use of the 30 seconds of any other girl this season. Bring it home to the finals, girl!

Evan | “Lady Is a Tramp”
So cute, this dance was. Evan should just be on Broadway (hopefully he can sing?). It is clearly the style that suits him best and although he’s grown a lot in this competition, it is obvious that this style is where he belongs.

– – – –

I kind of wish that the couples had been mixed up this week… so, like, Jeanine worked with Ade on one number and it would have been cool if she had another partner for the next dance. But I mostly don’t really love Ade so I’m bummed that Jeanine didn’t have as much to work with. But I also realize how hard that would be logistically to give them all adequate time to rehearse with two different partners.

I hope I’m blown away with all of the routines in next week’s final, because the last few weeks have been somewhat mediocre for me. Come ON choreographers! Bring it on!

Who I’m voting for:

Who I think should go home:
Melissa and Ade

Until tomorrow night…!

SYTYCD | week 7 elimination

Woohoo, 100th show! I started watching this show during season one when there wasn’t too much hype just yet (and Cat Deeley hadn’t even come along yet…. boo!); I’m so glad to have seen it turn into such a success over the years. Let’s talk about the show, shall we?

I loved the fresh interpretation of “One” from “A Chorus Line” as the opening number, choreographed by Mia Michaels; the mirrors and red carpet were a nice touch. This song always gets me a little bit, but what else is new — I’m a sap for big Broadway numbers. Speaking of my sappiness, I got totally tearful during that montage of the last 5 seasons. Man, I just love this show. In case you didn’t notice.

It was exciting to have some favorite performances from past seasons on tonight’s show… I forgot how much I loved Hok and Jaime together! And oh oh oh, the bench. Cousin Heidi got her hands on some hair bleach and Travis lost his bleached tips, but this number is still incredible. And RAMALAMA ohmygahhhh. Still one of my all-time favorite group numbers ever on this show. So thrilled to see some of my favorites from season 2 back on the stage. (I’m talking about you, Ivan!)

The whole Katie Holmes thing… I guess it’s great publicity for the Dizzy Feet Foundation. But they clearly should not let her sing. Ever. On any show. Ever. It made it way worse that her lip syncing was totally off. And the whole thing was pre-recorded (but they tried to pass it off as live during the applause) which I think takes a lot away from any “live” dance performance. The thrill is in the live part! Boo. I hope she donated a lot of money to Dizzy Feet for making us watch that horse crap.

Now, about the bottom four dancers… considering the Kayla-haters that are out there, I’m not entirely surprised that she was in the bottom for the girls, but I don’t necessarily agree. I am glad that my absolute 100% favorite, Jeanine, was safe, and I thought Melissa should have been in the bottom but I think Tyce’s number last night totally saved her. I’ve always been on the fence about Janette so I didn’t think she’d be safe. But CANNOT BELIEVE that Ade is safe. I just don’t think he is nearly as strong as the other 3 guys. Again, I think Tyce’s number absolutely saved him. And you know how much I love Evan, but I just can’t believe that the bottom two came down to Brandon and Jason. Wha?

I’m sad to see Janette go home over Melissa, but I’m glad Kayla is safe. She deserves to be here through the end, but I hope Janette has a spectacular career ahead of her. I am also sad to see Jason go over Ade (WHA????) but SO glad that Brandon is safe. Phew. Jason’s solos have been pretty weak (just lots o’ jumping and tricks, not as much artistry) so I’m afraid that caught up to him.

Wow, we’re down to the final 6 already! Next week is sure to be a fierce competition. Can’t wait!

SYTYCD | top 8

SO EXCITED that Ellen DeGeneres is guest judging this week! Obviously she is not a trained dancer, but she clearly loves dance and admires what these young dancers are capable of. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Let’s get started!

Top 8 | “Let It Rock”
Love that Travis is back… hate the stupid illuminated costumes. Just too distracting and hard to focus on the dance! Overall it was a’ight… but not great. I prefer Travis as a true contemporary choreographer. Meh.

Evan and Janette | Jazz | “Move”
I always love the interaction Sonya builds into her routines. She was born to choreograph duets, I think. This piece was really entertaining and smooth; Evan and Janette go well together and I thought their moves were incredibly in sync — and those lifts, whoa! I also agree with Nigel that Evan has really stepped it up.

Brandon and Jeanine | Waltz | “May It Be”
I think I’d go so far as to say these two are my SYTYCD power couple. Two of my favorites, hands down. I wish they had gotten a more exciting dance (sorry, Waltz) but it was undoubtedly beautiful. Nothing groundbreaking, though, and SUCH a slow song. I really hope it doesn’t jeopardize their chances at making it to the top 6 now that the competition is getting so tight.

Ade and Melissa | ChaCha | “Yeah”
Nice to see these two back together, but I’m feeling like they’re the weakest links currently. This number just looked like two non-ChaCha dancers doing the ChaCha. Melissa looked out of place and Ade looked uninterested. Not sure what routine Nigel was watching, but I was bored. I’ll be surprised if these two aren’t in the bottom tomorrow night.

Jason and Kayla | Broadway | “Mr. Monotony”
This number was most definitely very “Broadway”… I thought they both rocked it and had a good partnership. Kayla’s lines, as Nigel said, really stand out and Jason did well with this style. I agree with Mia that Kayla would be amazing on Broadway (if she can, indeed, sing). She just has that presence to her.

Janette and Evan | Rumba | “Heartless”
I love Evan and I’m not afraid to admit it (even though his costume was ridiculous). And damn, Janette looks gorgeous! They faltered a tiny bit at the beginning and it seemed like another really slow number, but I thought they had a decent connection and their movements were really fluid. I’m not seeing a lot of votes coming in for this one, though.

Jeanine and Brandon | Hip Hop | “Battlefield”
Wow, Laurianne Gibson? Never thought I’d see her choreographing in this competition. (And are the headphones necessary? And the tears? She bugs me. Blame it on watching too many seasons of Making the Band. Bah.) Anywho… hate this song but feel like Jeanine and Brandon pulled it off well, minus a few little iffy spots with weird timing. I wish they interacted more on stage, but that’s more the choreography than them. Surprised that Nigel LOVES it, and Mary gave it a scream, but glad that it will hopefully bring them votes.

Melissa and Ade | Contemporary | “This Woman’s Work”
These two seriously lucked out with this number. It was beautiful and emotional, and was a VAST improvement over their last number. Ade’s strength paired with Melissa’s movements were beautiful. I got a little teary when Melissa got all teary at the end and then the judges all just pretty much lost it and I got REALLY teary. It was truly beautiful and it might have just saved these two dancers.

Kayla and Jason | Hip Hop | “They’re Everywhere”
Niiiiice Thriller-esque costumes :-) I am a big fan of Shane Sparks and I think this was a cool number. Definitely hard to get all light-hearted and hip-hoppy after Tyce’s emotional number, but it was well-choreographed and well-performed.


Kayla | “The Moment I Said”
Glad she has slightly tamed her solo this week, compared to the last few erratic weeks. I really liked the style of this number and that gorgeous costume. There is no doubting that she’s a natural.

Jason | “Slowdance on the Inside”
Jason’s solos don’t impress me as anything beautifully choreographed — they seem like just a combination of jumps and turns. He’s certainly a great dancer, but the solo wasn’t spectacular.

Janette | “Seduces Me”
I think she took a huge risk straying from her own style for her solo. People obviously like her Latin dancing… why do contemporary? This was okay, but she definitely didn’t make the best use of the 30 seconds. Mia really thinks Janette is her favorite? Hmm.

Ade | “Hater”
Definitely a better solo than his ChaCha with Melissa. But I’m still just not excited by him anymore.

Melissa | “Heads Will Roll”
Could have been a really cool number with that song, but I felt like she missed the opportunity.

Evan | “Old Devil Moon”
I absolutely adore when he dances in his own style. He has such charisma in his little suspenders and tie and hat. A true old soul. I like that.

Jeanine | “Let the Drummer Kick”
We all know I am in love with Jeanine’s solos. This one was no exception. She is absolutely spectacular when given the opportunity to shine on her own. Hoping that secured her spot in the top 6.

Brandon | “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That”
He. Is. So. Good. I love his spunk and how well he uses those short 30 seconds.

– – – – – – –

Who I am voting for:
Jeanine, Evan, Brandon, Kayla

Who I think should go home:
Melissa and Ade (I think they did great with Tyce’s number, but overall I still think they’re consistently the weakest dancers of the group)

Ellen proved to be kiiiiiiind of useless, but a source of humor, nonetheless. Overall this was probably one of the weaker shows of the season, so I hope that means that next week will make up for it! Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow night on the 100th episode!

SYTYCD | week 6 elimination

Another Thursday night, another elimination show, and another cool opening number. I like when the choreographers play up the strengths of the different dancers — Melissa obviously being the standout in this performance.

I didn’t predict a bottom 4 in last night’s recap post, as it’s getting harder and harder to choose (let’s face it — they are all extremely talented!), but I’m not at all surprised with the bottom two girls, Randi and Melissa. I was unimpressed with Randi in both performances last night, unfortunately, and I was bored by Melissa’s solo. Also not shocked by the revelation that Kupono and Ade are in the bottom… I thought both of their solos were just strange, and unfortunately Kupono did not have a chance with the Paso Doblé he and Randi performed.

Alas… it’s the end of the road for Randi, a.k.a. Unitard Girl, and Kupono, the Hawaiian with the wacky costumes. Looks like I have my prediction mojo back, if I do say so myself! I wish these two dancers the best but I think the right ones were sent home.

Next week, the competition gets even tighter! (And Ellen Degeneres is going to be judging?? That is pure awesomeness!)

SYTYCD | top 10 (woot, woot!)

I’ve been so busy over the last week that I can hardly believe it’s Wednesday already! And here we are, welcoming the top 10 to the stage. I AM SO EXCITED! I think this season’s top 10 really are the most deserving of the bunch that we’ve come to know this season, and I can’t imagine the top 10 without them. (Although I still miss Ashley.) Let’s see what these kids have in store for us!

Top 5 girls | Bollywood | “Dholna”
I love that the top 5 girls get to perform in a group number; Bollywood is such an energetic style that is perfect for this group of ladies. The only thing that makes it difficult with group numbers like this are knowing who is who when watching them on-screen, especially with the colorful costumes that cover up their hair combined with the zoomed out camera work. Actually, I thought the camera work overall was distracting… I could still tell that it was a great number, but just hard to focus on what was really going on.

Kayla and Evan | Viennese Waltz | “Kiss From a Rose”
Definitely not an ideal pair — the height difference certainly poses a problem (even with Kayla barefoot and Evan with a heel!) and this is where I find it hard to judge objectively… no professional choreographer would ever pair these two together. Regardless, I thought they did an impressive job and Evan had a lot of power behind his lifts. The Viennese Waltz can sometimes bore me but I thought this was decent, despite the horrid song (flashback to a high school era dance recital where another class danced to this song and I had to hear it at every performance/competition until my ears were bleeding. I. Hate. This. Song.)

Janette and Ade | Hip Hop | “Love Sex Magic”
I think these two were great for this number — I really liked the choreography and the interaction between them, although it wasn’t the most challenging number. Janette has a lot of power and the height difference didn’t bother me so much, and I feel like she always looks like she’s having a blast. Sometimes their timing did seem slightly off, though (which I think might have been more Ade than Janette). Definitely not a groundbreaking number by any means, but I did like it.

Jeanine and Jason | Contemporary | “If It Kills Me”
Yes yes yes! What a spectacular pairing (we all know that I have a girl crush on Jeanine). SO excited that Travis is choreographing, and Oh. Em. GEEEEE! Absolutely chill-inducing and gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen choreography so beautiful and fluid, and I agree with Nigel that it was made even better by the dancers who performed it. Everything Jeanine did seemed as light as air and Jason finally had his chance to shine. The passion was really raw and fierce. Definitely one of the most memorable numbers ever on this show.

Randi and Kupono | Paso Doble | “Dies Irae”
This style can be the kiss of death for some couples, and unfortunately I don’t think these two are any exception. (And ugh, why the wig on Randi?) This number just felt stiff to me, and not in the good, strong, ballroom way. They had some okay moments, but overall I was unimpressed. The lifts looked painfully slow towards the end and Randi just looked uncomfortable. I agree with Nigel that there was no passion or chemistry.

Melissa and Brandon | Broadway | “Aquarius”
Hmm. Brandon must be shorter than I imagined or maybe Melissa is just way taller than I thought? Anyway… This was a really entertaining and well-executed number with interesting chereography. I thought Melissa kept character well and Brandon seemed a little over-done at times, but it was still “groovy,” if I may say so.

Top 5 guys | African | “Balant Funk”
Ugh with the lights and the flashing the hard to focus. Aside from that, kind of surprised that the guys somewhat pulled this off. Seems absolutely insane that there is basically no counting, just rhythm, which has to be really, really hard to follow for 2+ minutes. I couldn’t do it and I think they were very much in sync, although I noticed that Kupono and Jason seemed to lose steam at then end.


Brandon’s solo | “In Your Eyes”
I think he is just excellent. That is all.

Randi | “Dream”
I want to like Randi and agree that she can sometimes dance “heavy,” but I did not think her solo felt heavy at all. (Who is this Priscilla Ahn? Never heard this song before. I like.)

Kupono | “Marina Gasolina”
Oh Kupono. Your solos are just weird. This one was better than his last one. But I don’t think it particularly showed off any amazing skill. Methinks his days are numbered.

Melissa | ” Gabriel”
She is a beautiful dancer, but this solo wasn’t her finest. I miss the naughty ballerina schtick. I wonder if the audience is growing bored with her.

Evan | “Zing Went The Strings of My Heart”
I love love love that he brings such a unique style to this competition. Sometimes after all the lyrical and contemporary numbers, you just need a little quirkiness with some great technique.

Kayla | “Rock Your Soul”
So glad she put her hair back for this solo. It’s no surprise that she was spectacular, although I think she needs at least one solo that isn’t so erratic and angsty.

Ade | “Unchained Melody”
Kind of an odd song choice for the style that he danced, and his goofy (but cute) grin just didn’t go with the song. Meh.

Jeanine | “Violento”
I think homegirl has the best solos consistently in this competition. She is just absolutely flawless.

Jason | “Train Fare Home”
Cute number — it’s rare that the solos are at all conceptual (aside from Evan’s), so I enjoyed this little spark of charm.

Janette | “This Is Miami”
Girlfriend, where did your clothes go? Kidding… I like Janette, she’s feisty. (But I have realized that her hair really bothers me. Not a good cut.) There is no question — she is a salsa dancer.

Who I’m voting for:
Brandon, Kayla, Jeanine, Evan

Who I think should go home:
Randi and Kupono

SYTYCD | week 5 elimination

What an opening number! “Seven Nation Army” choreographed by NappyTabs (wow, really??) was really unique and I thought it was pretty awesome. Very un-NappyTabs but very cool. And although he often irks me, Nigel looks pretty good for 60, I gotta say. Happy birthday, English Muffin.

Wowsers, surprised (but not upset) that Caitlin and Jason are in the bottom three. Although I thought they gave strong performances this week, I still don’t think they’re close to being the strongest couple, and of all the girls I think Caitlin is the weakest. I just didn’t realize America would agree with me. Hmm.

Bummed that Jeanine and Phillip are in the bottom, but I saw it coming after that weird-ass Russian folk dance. Please don’t send Jeanine home…. please don’t send Jeanine home…. I was right about Melissa and Ade, as well. And I have to agree with Tyce (he actually said something that wasn’t fluff) that Ade dropped the ball this week.

Uhhhhh the previews for season 6 coming in the fall just got my heart racing… So. EXCITED!

Of the solos, I felt like Caitlin’s was lacking any emotion and Jason’s seemed spastic and desperate, while the rest were very strong…. so I’m not surprised Caitlin was sent home, but it’s funny that this is the first week that I kind of started to like her a little bit. Just a little. But I think the judges made the right decision. And as for the guys, not completely surprised that Phillip got the boot even though his solo was phenomenal (as usual). He just hasn’t been strong enough throughout the season to stick around amongst more seasoned dancers, but it’s been nice to see him really grow as a dancer.

It’s a nice bonus for Caitlyn and Phillip that they’ll be going on the tour, as Nigel announced after these two were eliminated. I don’t think they could have done a tour without Phillip’s insane moves!

Next week, bring on the top 10!!

SYTYCD | top 12

I was chomping at the bit at work today knowing that last night’s So You Think You Can Dance was awaiting me on my DVR. I heard some rumors about a fab Mia Michaels number, so I’m glad to be able to see it for myself. Shall we dance?

As always, Cat is looking spectacular. LOVE her hair. Very chic! It’s getting down the the wire as the dancers in the top 10 are guaranteed a spot on this year’s tour. Each couple is performing TWICE tonight so I’ll recap each number together by couple.

Melissa and Ade
dance 1: Disco | “Move On Up

The disco numbers are always so fun when done well. These two work so well together and were very convincing in this style. Keeping up with the pace of these speedy dances is always tough for the dancers but they really pulled it off… bummer about that slip at the end, though :-(
dance 2: Waltz | “A Natural Woman”
I’m gonna miss these two dancing together next week when the couples split off. What a contrast this was from the disco; Melissa did a great job, but Ade seemed a bit stiff and amateur with some of his movements — he looked uncomfortable and it became a tiny bit boring at times. And, um, Mary called Nigel “English Muffin.” Brilliant.

Kayla and Kupono
dance 1: Contemporary | “Gravity

I know now why I heard so much about this number after the show aired last night. I got chills from the very beginning. Completely incredible choreography and performance from these two. Just stunning. I got a little teary at parts, even. This is going to be one of those memorable numbers like the bench routine and the “Bleeding Love.” But yes, let’s give Kayla a barette, please?
dance 2: Broadway | “The Dance at The Gym”
This was a nice contrast from the emotional contemporary routine. No surprise that I loved this, being that it involved my fave Kayla AND I’m a musical theatre nerd. The choreography was great and theatrical without being unchallenging (which sometimes the B’way routines appear). I didn’t feel as strongly about their “character” as the judges seemed to.

Caitlin and Jason
dance 1: Fox Trot | “Minnie the Moocher”

Well. You all know how I feel about Caitlin. So you know I mean it when I say that she was actually quite good in this number. Jason did a really nice job. Overall, an entertaining routine from these two.
dance 2: Lyrical Jazz | “Show Me Heaven”
I always really love how Mandy Moore plays off of the music so well. I thought this was a beautiful number (yes, that’s right, I again have nothing negative to say about Caitlin). I agree with Nigel that there was a bit of chemistry lacking, but in terms of the dancing, it was well done.

Jeanine and Phillip
dance 1: Kalinka | “Kalinka”
Wow. Russian folk dancing? Really? Considering that this may have been an odd choice for a new genre in the competition, it was… okay? Phillip just looked goofy and his timing seemed off. Jeanine was adorable and did a great job of not making it seem super cheesy. She seemed a little dizzy by the end, though, and who could blame her with all those spins!
dance 2: Jive | “Stuff Like That There”
These two got dealt a difficult hand this week, but fortunately they brought back the excitement with this number. I LOVE this song and think Phillip brought it a lot more than I expected him to. Jeanine was stunning as always and I felt like this one was of their strongest partnering numbers. Sidenote: I have a total girl-crush on her. She’s amazing!

Randi and Evan
dance 1: Hip Hop | “Halo”
Come on NappyTabs, bring it on. I really enjoyed this number — it was pretty standard NappyTabs choreography, but one of their stronger numbers. I’m glad that for once Evan isn’t drowning in his costume and these two are just so cute together. They don’t have that “hip hop” vibe so much but they pulled it off quite well. That crazy lift at the end was amazing!
dance 2: Samba | “Ritmo De Bom Bom”
So happy to see Pasha and Anya again! It’s so nice when former competitors come back to choreograph. Evan looked a tad goofy in his facial expressions (and got whacked in the face once!) , and I felt like parts of the number seemed a little disjointed. They just didn’t seem to “get it” and I think it came across that they were not comfortable with this number. I think this will put them in the bottom 3.

Janette and Brandon
dance 1: Argentine Tango | “Libertango”
Day-um. These two have some Chemistry with a capital C. Spectacular performance — Janette’s legs were insane when she did those little mini kicky things! (Technical term.) Brandon was a solid partner and they both kept character flawlessly. Standing ovation, indeed, Nigel.
dance 2: Jazz | “Ruby Blue”
Woot woot Wade Robson! Man do I love that man. Dance genius, right there. I have never met a Wade Robson number I didn’t love. But enough about him. This number was simply spectacular, executed flawlessly by Janette and Brandon. Wade has a penchant for Roisin Murphy songs and they go so well with his style. This piece had gobs of personality. Abso. Lutely. Loved it.

Competition is obviously pretty fierce at this point, but half of these dancers will still ultimately end up dancing for their lives…

Predictions for the bottom 3 couples:
Randi and Evan
Melissa and Ade
Jeanine and Phillip

Who I think should go home tomorrow night (er, tonight):
I don’t wanna pick. Caitlin’s still my least favorite girl but I don’t see her being in the bottom 3. I think Ade was the weakest guy this week, but still love him, too. Sigh.

SYTYCD | week 4 elimination

Awww, I enjoyed the opening number from “The Wiz.” Nice little shout-out to MJ without being an all-out obvious “tribute.” Those were some crazy costumes… why did they decide to make Kayla look naked? Moving on…

This week’s bottom three were Karla and Vitolio (called it), Kayla and Kupono (srsly??), and Jeanine and Phillip (say what?). I guess I’ve lost my prediction mojo… or maybe I should have actually called in and voted for my faves. Hmph.

I am starting to love Jeanine and I’m kind of glad she got to perform her solo to remind us all of why she is here. She’s quite spunky. I agree with the judges that Kayla’s solo was a little erratic, but I also agree with their decision to send Karla home. It was definitely her time — I have been on the fence with her since the beginning and now that it’s getting closer to the top 10, she just couldn’t compete with the other girls.

Phillip’s solo was crazy awesome, and I know he’s definitely not the greatest dancer of the guys, but I’m glad he’s sticking around. It’s nice to see him learning and growing, and I just love his personality. Kupono’s solo was definitely questionable, but he has clearly done an amazing job so far in his previous performances so I’m glad he’s sticking around. Not surprised that Vitolio got sent home… he started to rub me the wrong way this week and I think he was losing popularity with the viewers.

Coming up next week: the top 12 perform! Oh boy oh boy oh boy…

PS- Kelly Clarkson sounded good, no? I admit to highly enjoying her new songs… so damn catchy.