quotables | no. 2

This philosophy has definitely come to the forefront in the last 6+ months. I work hard and I work a lot, but I also carve out a lot more time to unplug than I used to. Rather than sitting in front of the tv at night with my MacBook Pro on my lap (but not really being productive), my computer now pretty much stays in my office while I spend most evenings and weekends relaxing, connecting with Nick and/or our friends, and living. It’s no wonder that I feel much more creative, productive, inspired and fulfilled (and a lot less exhausted) these days.

by Departika on Etsy, found via Jessica Bishop on Pinterest

what’s new…

As you may have noticed from my lack of frequent posting, life has been a little busy lately! In case you’re wondering, here are some highlights from what’s been going on in my world:

Work has been very busy, which is a great thing. In the very near future we’ll be introducing a shiny new Curious & Co. website… stay tuned!

• Speaking of work, I’ve been whipping up some fun custom save-the-dates and invitations, in addition to fulfilling Claremont Collection orders. We recently had a custom invitation design featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper, which was very exciting. We’re also thrilled that we’ll be featured in the upcoming Wedding Invitation Ideas Lookbook, a free annual e-book from Invitation Crush.

• I’m partnering with the lovely ladies at Weddingbee on a new feature called Buzzworthy. Once a week, I put together a new inspiration board to share with readers, which is featured on the blog every Monday. Below are my two favorites so far; check them out on Weddingbee for a closer look and complete shopping guides!

• Nick and I have been visiting some open houses as we plan to start seriously house-hunting soon. I have bookmarked a ridiculous number of homes on Realtor.com and at the moment, we’re having fun just dreaming and envisioning what our future home may look like; I’m sure we’ll be weeding out a lot of properties once we get pre-approved and start working with a realtor. When we get a bit more serious about it, it’s safe to assume that I’ll be posting all about our adventures here!

What’s the best advice you homeowners can pass along as we begin our search?

Curious & Company in Southern Weddings Magazine

I posted about this on the Curious & Company blog a few weeks ago, but realized I never mentioned it here! Since many of you have followed me here by way of Weddingbee, this will certainly be of interest to you.

Several months ago, my partners and I had the pleasure of designing a 6-page spread for Volume 3 of Southern Weddings Magazine, which just hit newsstands a few weeks ago. When Emily first contacted us, she told us about the unique idea for a “Choose Your Own Southern Wedding” feature, and left it up to us to perfectly execute the concept with illustration and design. It was a challenge, but we could not be more thrilled with the outcome.

This issue of Southern Weddings is truly one of the most beautiful magazines I have ever seen, and I am so honored that my partners and I had the opportunity to be a part of it. Be sure to buy a copy if you see it on newsstands, or order a copy here to check out the rest of our spread and a magazine filled with some amazing eye candy!

Introducing Claremont Collection

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, and my blog posts have not been as frequent as usual. Well, I promise that I have a very good excuse for being otherwise preoccupied lately.

Wondering what it is?

Today, my colleagues and I are extremely proud to announce the launch of Claremont Collection, a line of delightfully distinctive letterpress wedding stationery from Curious & Company!

Claremont Collection has been my baby since partnering with the other four designers who make up Curious & Company, and I’m so thrilled with what we have created. We currently offer ten designs, each customizable with any of our 25 ink colors, three paper colors, and twelve envelope colors. Each letterpress suite comes complete with your choice of invitations, save the dates, response sets, celebration cards, detail cards, menus, thank you cards, escort/place cards, and favor tags.

The designs are available exclusively through our website, and nowhere else — that means when you place an order, yours truly will be seeing it through from design to completion! We offer samples of each letterpress invitation design, as well as each of our 25 ink colors printed on all three of our paper colors — so there is no guessing what your final design may look like in person.

I hope you love the collection and will share it with all of your soon-to-be-wed friends. If you feel so inclined, please do head over to our website to check out the designs!

off-season sunset

A major perk of working for yourself: having the ability to work from wherever you want. I spent a few days down the shore this week, working and spending some quality time with Nick while he has the week off from work, and this was the gorgeous sunset we saw on Monday night.

iPhone photo with ShakeItPhoto effects

I love how quiet and serene the beach is in the off-season, and the weather has been absolutely perfect.

guest post on A Blog About Things

Another day, another guest post! I found Pat’s blog, A Blog About Things, after our mutual friend Eric told me about it a few years ago. I came to love Pat’s witty pop-culture-centric posts (including fantastic SYTYCD recaps!) and his sense of humor. A few months later, Pat’s then roommate, Carolyn, coincidentally became a bee with me (she’s lovely, by the way), and this further verified what I had thought from the very beginning: Pat and I were destined to be blog-friends. He has asked me to participate in his Summer Friday guest blogger series, and I am honored to be included!

Head over to A Blog About Things to read about my working-from-home experience, as well as my tips for how to make the most of workin’ in your pajamas!

mini lifesaver

Ever have those moments of panic when you can’t recall an important password? Me too. Or, at least I used to, and way too often. Until I got my hands on this little lifesaver:

Open Sesame Password Reminder Book from Bob’s Your Uncle

Owning a business means acquiring more email and vendor accounts than one can even count, and this password log has been my right-hand savior. I know that I could use any old notebook for keeping track of my passwords, but this one helps me to keep everything alphabetized and organized (and, well, it’s just cute).

tomatoes = productivity?

Staying productive when working from home can sometimes be a challenge, especially when I’m working on projects that aren’t necessarily for a client, but are more self-assigned. I recently discovered mytomatoes.com, which employs the Pomodoro Technique: 25 minutes of work, then a five minute break, and after four “tomatoes” a longer break. Every time you complete a “tomato” and hear the alarm, you log what you worked on, so it’s really great for accountability.

Using mytomatoes.com is what motivated me to have a day free of social networking one day last week. I realized how much time I was wasting on Twitter and Facebook and I needed a break to increase my productivity! For me, it also does double-duty — I need to track my time when I’m doing work for clients, and this way I have a reminder to log what I work on for every 25-minute increment (instead of remembering at 4pm that I should have been tracking my time for the last 7 hours. Oops).

introducing… Curious & Company

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front this week, but with good reason: today is the day that my business partners and I are officially introducing our company to the world!

That’s right — I am now a small business owner. This is something I have always dreamed about; I often felt a nagging feeling that it was what I was meant to do, but I didn’t know if it would ever become a reality. I was never quite sure how I would do it on my own, so when the opportunity presented itself to work with people whose talents I admire and whose friendships I value, I couldn’t say no. While this has been a scary leap to take, it has also been an extremely fulfilling and exhilarating one. The last few months has been full of transitions, penny-pinching, soul-searching and fear-facing; this is an adventure, for sure, but I am enjoying the ride.

Please check out Curious & Company and let us know what you think! You can also follow @CuriousAndCo on Twitter and become a Facebook fan to stay up-to-date on what we’re working on.