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I’m somebody’s mom.

I’m somebody’s mom??

It still blows my mind a little bit that Nick and I created a person and he’s been in our lives for eight whole months (as of yesterday). I’ve always had this feeling that I’m an “imposter” adult — I just don’t feel like a grownup most days and I still have trouble accepting the fact that I’ve been out of college for 11 years — so there are often moments when I’m out and about with Graham and I have to remind myself that I’m a mother and he’s MINE.

claremont road | brooke and graham

I love being a mom, but it is not a role that came very naturally to me. Don’t get me wrong: the loving-my-child-like-crazy part came naturally, yes, but the changing-and-feeding-and-multitasking-and-not-freaking-out-every-time-he-cried part did NOT. Nick is much more of a natural at this whole parenting gig, and I followed his lead quite a bit at the beginning. While we both had our moments, he was a lot less frazzled when our helpless little being was screaming, whereas I would often immediately feel panicked and overwhelmed. It helped a lot to have a partner who was much more calm, cool and collected when Graham needed something, and it certainly taught me a lot in those early, terrifying days when my hormones also weren’t helping me out at all. I am so thankful to have a partner who has been such a huge help as I learned the ropes. I had a lot of ropes to learn.

I wanted to feel comfortable going out and about with Graham somewhat early on, but that’s just not how it worked out for us. When he was nine days old, he wasn’t acting like himself and we found that he had a bit of a fever; we decided to take him to the ER (it was a Sunday night, of course, so the doctor’s office wasn’t open), and he ended up being admitted to the hospital for three long and torturous days. We know now that anytime a baby that little is sick they admit them in order to take every precaution, but at the time we feared the worst and were a complete mess. Hearing your baby scream while they give him a spinal tap (so they can rule out meningitis) is beyond heartbreaking. Fortunately, though, it was viral and not bacterial so we were able to take our healthy-again little guy home after a few long days of never leaving his side in the hospital. BUT… it meant that I was no longer very eager to get out of the house with him. What was already a scary idea became downright terrifying after the hospital ordeal, so we spent most of our time at home in those early months. It was just as well, though: Graham nursed about every two hours at the beginning, and he was a slow eater, which meant that sometimes there was only 30-45 minutes between feedings for me to get anything else accomplished. That made it very difficult to get ready to leave the house with everything we needed, let alone ACTUALLY leave the house for any amount of time.

I work from home (I took 10 weeks off from work when Graham was first born) and we have in-home childcare about 25 hours a week, so it was very easy even once I was back to work to not have to leave the house every day. We also live in a walkable town, which is amazing, but it made car trips that much more overwhelming for me when they were necessary because they weren’t frequent enough for me to ever get a great routine down. I’ll be honest: it took until Graham was about five months old for me to not feel like a complete mess every time we left the house, and for me to want to go out alone with him. But at five months was also when he magically became much less needy and much more independent, so it felt like my world shifted a bit and we could finally rejoin society. Some babies are happy as can be without much entertainment; Graham is not one of those babies. He has always been particularly needy so the amount of time he remained happy in his stroller was very limited.

Now that he is eight months old, motherhood feels so much less chaotic and frazzled and so much more FUN. I’ve loved my kid to pieces all along, but I feel like only in the last few months have I come out of that newborn-induced fog and been able to really embrace motherhood with more confidence. I’m sure the beautiful spring weather has something to do with it, but going out and about no longer feels like such a huge undertaking and I don’t let myself get so worked up anymore if I have to wrangle a crying baby into the car seat or stroller.

The best part about life with a not-so-little-anymore baby is the personality on this kid. Honestly, we just have such a blast with our little guy. Over time, smiles slowly led to giggles, which led to absolute uncontrollable laughter, which led to waving and clapping and bouncing and singing and so much more. It is amazing and incredibly entertaining to see his unique little personality come to life.

This post is all over the place… but then again, so is motherhood. I’m sure I’ll have much more to say as time goes on because it truly feels like something changes nearly every day. As comfortable as I continue to feel with my new title, I’m sure I’ll still wake up tomorrow just the tiniest bit surprised that I am actually someone’s mom. I’m not so sure that will ever cease to amaze me; actually, I hope it never does.

six months of parenthood: the survival guide

Not to sound cliché, but it’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re a new parent. It’s also amazing how quickly your needs for baby crap gear changes as your little one grows and changes every five minutes! We still use a good number of the items that I raved about in my last Parenthood Survival Guide post, but there are also a lot of new items that got added to our list of must-haves as Graham has continued to grow from newborn to infant. I thought I’d share them with you all here, and I’m sure I’ll have a whole new list compiled in the next few months, as well!

Below are the items that we found invaluable throughout Graham’s first six months of life. Is there anything you’d change on this list if you’ve already been there, done that?

1. Miracle Blanket
I registered for this because several mom friends had recommended it, but I really wasn’t convinced that it was totally necessary. And then my kid started breaking out of his Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets and we realized that the Miracle Blanket is actually the most amazing thing ever. It bought us our first 7-hour chunk of sleep when Graham was 7 weeks old, and continued to grace us with many amazing 10+ hour nights after that. We used it right up until he was able to roll over.

2. Footed Pants
Baby socks tend to disappear off of baby’s feet, particularly when said feet are still super, super tiny. Footed pants pretty much saved my sanity and took socks out of the equation entirely. Once Graham discovered his feet and wanted to play with them all the time (barefoot, of course), the footed pants had to go, but they were totally awesome for the first several months of his life.

3. Trumpette socks
If your little one has outfits that are too adorable to pass up and you simply must deal with tiny baby socks to go along with them, Trumpettes are, hands down, the best. I always thought they were ridiculously overpriced for as small as they are (and I mean, come on — they’re socks!), but then I learned that they’re seriously the only brand that stays on. Until, of course, your little one learns how to pull them off. But even Trumpettes take a little longer for him to figure out!

4. Puj Tub
Graham was a tiny little guy at birth and is still on the smaller side, so we were able to make use of the Puj Tub until he was close to 5 months. This awesome tub folds up to fit in larger sinks (we used our kitchen sink), and is a major space-saver when not in use. Super useful if you live in a small space, or an older home with very little storage space.

5. Angel Dear Robot Blankie
Graham still doesn’t sleep with his “lovey,” but having it nearby when we’re rocking him to sleep often helps to comfort him. Before we started giving it to him, I slept with it so it would smell like me, which is supposed to add an extra bit of comfort.

6. Boppy Pillow
I know I talked a big game before about how the My Brest Friend is so superior to the Boppy — and as a breastfeeding pillow, I still think it is. But the Boppy definitely has its place in our house, and that is as a support pillow as Graham was learning to sit up on his own. We also have this Organic Cotton Slipcover that is super soft (a hand-me down from my niece, Ginger) and we still use it every single day when he sits and plays, since the occasional tumble still happens.

7. Vulli Vanilla Flavored Ring Teether
These are the perfect size for little hands to grab onto — they were one of the first small things that Graham really grasped onto. I also think the vanilla flavor had something to do with how much he loved these. They still come along with us on most car rides, and the texture of the lamb in particular seems to feel good on his gums. He rubs so hard that we can hear it squeaking on his gums!

8. Fisher-Price Cradle n Swing
The swing was short-lived, but 100% worth it for the time that it worked. At the beginning, it was where we would sit Graham while we attempted to eat dinner together for a few minutes. There was also that one week when it resulted in a few three hour naps in the afternoon. Man, that was an awesome week ;)

9. Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer
Certainly any bouncer will do, but this is the one that was given to us, and it was another short-lived but invaluable device when we needed 10 minutes to eat dinner in peace or throw in a load of laundry (and, when the swing wasn’t cutting it for whatever reason). Babies can be picky and sometimes Graham preferred to bounce rather than swing. Hey — whatever works, kid! He usually preferred this over his Rainforest Gym or just lying on a plain blanket and playing with toys, because it allowed him to sit up a bit and see everything that was going on. He also loved batting at the little birdies.

10. Emery Board
One of the best pieces of advice we received from a nurse at the hospital was to use an emery board to file baby’s nails instead of using those terrifying nail clippers to clip them. Their nails are so soft that filing is super simple; we use the emery boards that came in our American Red Cross Grooming Kit, but any small emery board would do. At the beginning Nick would file Graham’s nails while I fed him (so he was distracted), but now that he’s a little more active, the best method is usually wearing him facing out in the Bjorn and filing them then. He is so excited by everything he’s seeing by being in the carrier that he doesn’t even realize you’re filing his nails :)

11. Cotton Bibs
If you’ve got yourself a drooler, you’ll go through many, many bibs each day. SO much better than changing his outfit every few hours (and thus having much more laundry to do), and inexpensive if you buy these large packs at Babies R Us.

12. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover
If you live in a cold climate or your baby will be little in the winter months, this is a great alternative to a blanket that you have to tuck in every time you put baby in the car seat. We kept this attached to our car seat all winter and just zipped it up every time we were ready to go, or unzipped and removed the blanket part entirely if it was a warmer day (without having to remove the whole cover). We also have a BundleMe but we opted to use that on the stroller, since the back layer negates the safety standards of car seats. Not worth the risk in my opinion, so the car seat cover was a great way to keep baby warm AND safe!

13. Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump
If you’re breastfeeding and ever plan to be away from your baby, a good breast pump is a necessity. I tried both the Medela Pump in Style and the Medela Symphony (hospital grade pump that we rented from the hospital). Of the two I really liked the Symphony for how quiet it was and how much more milk it allowed me to get, but it was pricey to rent each month so we decided to purchase a pump. On the recommendation of my friend Emily, I decided to purchase the Hygeia Enjoye. If it weren’t for her I never would have even heard of this company, but after using it for the last several months I find it really superior to the Medela pumps. The best thing about it, in my opinion (and as someone who hasn’t had the easiest time with breastfeeding) is the fact that you can control both the strength AND the speed of the pump — something that is not possible with the Medela models. Both Medelas have a two-minute faster letdown cycle and then a slower cycle where you can control the strength but NOT the speed. With my Hygeia Enjoye, I am able to control both, which has yielded more milk overall, which is obviously the ultimate goal! For that reason, it was well worth the money (not to mention that it is a hospital grade pump so it is safe to borrow or lend to someone as long as they use their own tubing, etc.). I was also able to use my Medela breastshields with the Hygeia pump, which was really nice. My only teeny tiny complaint is that it’s very loud, but that’s a small price to pay for the liquid gold I’m able to pump with it.

14. Hands Free Pumping Bra (not pictured for obvious reasons… the photos are ridiculous)
I think that all breast pumps should come standard with a hands-free pumping bra, because sitting there and holding the parts for twenty minutes while you pump just makes pumping even more of a bummer. (It’s necessary and you’re doing wonderful things for your baby, but let’s face it: pumping sucks.) There are lots of hands-free pumping bras out there; I got the Medela brand because I was desperate and it was the first one I could get my hands on at our local Babies R Us, but I have also heard good things about the Simple Wishes brand.

15. Amazon Prime membership (not pictured)
I’ve long been an Amazon.com superfan (which you have probably noticed with all the links). Yes, I am an Amazon Affiliate (see below) but it’s really just because I think Amazon is simply the bees knees. Having the ability to order a case of diapers and have them show up on my doorstep the next day with no shipping fee? Kind of amazing when you’re a new parent and you just don’t have the energy to put on real clothes to run to Target. (For the record, you get guaranteed free second-day shipping with an Amazon Prime membership on eligible items, but more often then not, stuff arrives to us within one day.) Not to mention that I’ve price shopped, and I still get better deals on most items by buying on Amazon.

For the items that helped us survive the first month of parenthood, be sure to check out my last post in this series!

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it’s been a while…

… and I now have a 7 month old. How did that happen??

7 months old | Claremont Road

Obviously blogging has taken a backseat to taking care of this little guy, but I do miss it. I’ve been collecting a little list of some of the baby items that were invaluable to us in the first 6 months of Graham’s life, so I hope to put together another post soon to help out some other mamas and mamas-to-be!

What’s new with you? :)

the un-lullaby

I know that at some point, no matter how hard we try to resist, we’ll probably be sucked into the world of the Wiggles, the Fresh Beat Band, and whatever else little kids are listening to these days. But until then, I’m doing my best to find music that’s already in my collection that I can play or sing for Graham that is soothing and won’t drive Mommy crazy. He doesn’t know the difference, right?

My old standby that I sing to him over and over (and over) again when I’m trying to get him to fall asleep is “I Will” by The Beatles. Thanks to my parents, I feel like I was raised on The Beatles (my mom’s favorite) and anything motown (my dad’s go-to), so we’re doing our best to teach Graham good taste in classic tunes from an early age. “I Will” has yet to fail me in the “please fall asleep” department, it’s easy to remember all the words since it’s short, and it’s a charming little ditty sung by my favorite Beatle.


What’s your favorite un-lullaby to play or sing for your little one?

Graham: two months

More alert, smiling like crazy, and, as of the last two nights, sleeping a seven and a half hour stretch at night! For that, your parents thank you, little guy.

one month of parenthood: the survival guide

I spent a lot of time researching and comparing baby products while I was pregnant to make sure we had every little thing we thought we needed before Graham’s arrival. While we made some very good choices, there were also some items that we either overlooked or just had no idea how great they would end up being. For us, these are some of the items that have made the first month of parenthood a bit easier on us.

1. Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets
We use these to swaddle Graham every single day and night — they’re a nice weight so we don’t worry about him getting overheated as we’re still dealing with mild fall temperatures, and they’re super soft. When we take him out and about in his car seat or stroller, we always drape one of these blankets over him to keep him snug and warm. We have five of these which seems to be a good number, since two or three are inevitably always in the wash after a spit-up or unfortunate poop incident!

2. Arm & Hammer diaper pail
This thing is amazing. Once we put a dirty diaper in the pail, it’s never to be smelled again. And that’s a good thing because I have a feeling that these diapers will only get smellier and smellier as time goes on…

3. Lansinoh Lanolin
A must-have if you’re breastfeeding. It’s pretty much a non-stop job so you need a little relief once in a while!

4. Pack ‘n Play with Newborn Napper Station
Our home is two floors (bedrooms and bathroom upstairs) so we keep this in our dining room to use as a downstairs changing station during the day. It has saved us many annoying trips up and down the stairs, and there is a little side pocket that holds diapers, wipes, and burp cloths so we’re not always running up to the nursery to grab what we need. We haven’t had a need for the newborn napper yet (see #9 below), but this Pack n Play will surely see lots more action as a portable crib when we go to visit Nick’s parents and take overnight trips to my family’s shore house next summer.

5. Soft Gear My Deluxe Changing Mat
I was originally planning to get one of the elusive BabySmart Cooshee-Changers, but they were completely sold out when we were registering/preparing for baby so we had to find something else. This SoftGear version is a great substitute, and about half the price of the Cooshee-Changer. I like being able to just wipe it down when it gets dirty, without needing a separate cover. It is a little small so I’m not sure it will last Graham into toddler-hood, but for now, it’s an awesome addition.

6. Soothie Pacifier
We don’t use a pacifier often, but when desperate times call for desperate measures, these are the only pacifiers that Graham will take. They’re the same ones that were used at the hospital and sometimes they’re all that will do the trick when he’s not a happy camper.

7. Baby Connect app
Nick and I both have this app on our iPhones so we can keep track of every feeding, diaper change, pumping session, etc. We got it a few days in when we kept losing track of the paper chart the hospital gave us to fill in, because let’s face it, our phones are always within arm’s reach. It syncs for multiple users so whoever changes him can log it on their own phone, and there are charts and graphs to get at-a-glance views of diapers and feedings over the course of a week. Particularly in the first few weeks when we needed to be diligent about tracking wet diapers to make sure Graham was hydrated enough, this app was invaluable. Best $4.99 we’ve ever spent.

8. Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag
There are some really cute hampers out there for baby’s rooms, but some of them look like they’d be a pain to actually get the clothes out and transported to the laundry. We bought one of these to hang on the closet door in the nursery, and I liked it so much that I just bought a second one that now hangs in our dining room, on the door to the basement where the washer & dryer are (since we do a lot of changing on the first floor during the day). They’re super simple to just drag down the basement when it’s laundry time, and they hardly take up any space.

9. Rock ‘n Play Sleeper
We have two of these handed down from our niece, Ginger. We keep one next to our bed and it’s where Graham currently sleeps every night, as we haven’t yet transitioned him to his crib. We keep the other downstairs in our living room, so if he conks out during the day while we’re hanging out, I can put him in here to nap while I get some other things done around the house. It’s an awesome little item that collapses if we need to take it with us somewhere, and it’s a great, inexpensive alternative to a bassinet.

10. Pampers Swaddlers
These came as the most highly recommended disposable diapers, and so far, no complaints. Our little peanut is still in the newborn size; he goes through roughly 10 to 12 diapers a day! Oy.

11. Gerber Birdseye Prefold Cloth Diapers
We have a ton of these that we use as burp cloths; they are heavy duty and we pretty much keep a few in each room at all times (because you never know when you’ll need one). If you buy these, don’t be fooled by how rough they are in the package. Once you wash them, they become super soft!

12. Gerber Newborn Long-Sleeve Onesies
Graham is still a petite little guy, and these were literally the only onesies that fit him in the first few weeks. Every baby clothing brand is a little different (Carter’s newborn onesies are quite a bit longer, and some newborn clothes are downright giant compared to the size of our actual newborn!), so he lived in these at first. Now that he’s a whole month old (teehee), he is growing and more of his clothes fit, but we’ll definitely always have a few of these in each size for everyday wear.

13. The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD
Nick is the master of the Five S’s, and when Graham is fed and just generally being cranky and tired, these methods totally work to get our little fella to sleep.

14. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow
Perhaps the worst name ever for a product (aside from the pun, couldn’t they have just spelled “breast” properly?), but it turns out that this is a great nursing pillow. I actually refused to buy one at first based solely on the dumb name, but after using the Boppy for a week and getting frustrated that it would always slide away from me while Graham was lying on it, thus making nursing quite difficult, I broke down and bought it. The clip prevents it from moving and I can also sit it up a little higher on my torso so I’m not as likely to slouch while nursing. Now if only they could do something about that name…

15. helping hands (not pictured)
Accept help when people offer it! Over the last four weeks we haven’t had to think very much about what to eat for dinner, because generous friends and family members have brought meals over. My mom took our laundry home a few times and cleaned and folded everything at her house so it was clean and ready to put away when she returned it. Nick’s parents have taken a few day-trips to visit and have watched Graham while I have showered or napped, and helped with dishes and grocery shoppimg. It is amazing to have some help, especially in the first few weeks when everything is so overwhelming, so if it’s offered, take it!

If you’ve been there or you’re there now, what items helped you survive? What new things do you think we will need as Graham continues to grow and change?

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Graham: one month

I cannot believe that Graham has been in our lives for a month already! In one way, it feels like he was just born yesterday; but in another, we don’t remember what life was like before he was part of our family.

There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said by any other new parent, and parenthood is an experience that can’t really be accurately explained, anyway. All I will say is that my heart has never felt this kind of love, and it is probably the first time in my life that I’ve truly been able to slow down and just take in each moment, whether it’s smiley, barfy, tear-filled, gurgly, pee-stained or sleepy. I’ve always been one to feel rushed through life, like I’m never just being still and enjoying the little moments, and I just can’t bear to see that happen with this little guy. If a month has already gone this fast, I can’t imagine what the next several years will feel like, so I plan to slow down and enjoy every moment possible.

the homestretch

Well now. How did that happen? All of a sudden I’m two days away from my due date, and soon enough there will actually be another person in our family! It’s all a little surreal and I’m sure I still won’t truly believe it until we are settled into our new roles as mom and dad. Oh, who am I kidding — I’m sure there will be moments of disbelief for years to come! I mean: us, parents?? Get outta here!

Aside from a pretty miserable, exhaustion- and nausea-filled first trimester, I have to say that the rest of pregnancy has been pretty good to me. Once I got my energy and appetite back in the second trimester, I felt great. There were certainly a few miserable days (particularly during one of the several heatwaves we saw roll through this summer), but since I work from home and have the luxury of not going anywhere if I don’t need to, it wasn’t all that awful. It helps to have a husband who is willing to do all the food shopping when his wife cries at the thought of stepping foot outside on a 98 degree day!

Being pregnant in the summer does get a bad rap, but if you don’t have to be outside too much, I swear it has its bonuses. Example: being able to slip on loose flip flops every day when your feet are swollen is way better than having to zip up tight winter boots. Or having the ability to throw on a light dress or a tunic and leggings every day instead of a heavy winter coat that has to fit over your big belly. Or the ability to float in a pool and feel weightless for a while :) It truly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Dare I say it, I enjoyed it. (As long as there was central air. No central air, no bueno.)

So yes, along the way I have become one of those women who enjoys being pregnant — I never thought that would happen. And two days before my due date, I am feeling great and honestly not in a rush to get it over with if he decides to stay put for a few more days. I’m excited to meet him, but also enjoying soaking up the last days before our lives change forever. Please don’t hate me, other pregnant women who are over it!

This was a week ago at 38 weeks and some odd days. And this is pretty much my uniform: leggins and a tunic. This isn’t even a maternity tunic — I got it at Target last summer and I now wear it an embarrassing amount. I have an excuse, right?

My biggest cravings have been fruit and pretty much anything with fruit in the name or ingredients. Real fruit, lemonade, fruit snacks, fruity popsicles, orange soda, apple sauce. Fruit, fruit, and more fruit. I have also partaken in plenty of chocolate and salty snacks, so I am, by all means, an equal opportunity craver.

The nursery is mostly done (save for curtains and a rug, which we really don’t need and I’ll get around to getting eventually), and it is most definitely my favorite room in the house. We finally got ourselves a fancy dSLR camera, but I need a better wide angle lens before I can share the room’s true awesomeness with you. Until then, here’s a sneak peek!

So now… we just wait. It’s hard to believe that this journey is almost over, and the next one is about to begin. There were times when I felt like he would never get here! I’m a little terrified of labor and all of the unknowns and worries that come along with parenting, but mostly I’m excited for Nick and I to meet the new love of our lives.

baby boy’s nursery inspiration

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. It didn’t feel right to talk about this pregnancy without acknowledging the last one, and it was really nagging at me. Now that it’s all out in the open, I feel like I can share more about our excitement and anticipation for this little guy to arrive!

When we moved into our new house in December, we knew right away which room would become the nursery someday. It’s small yet cozy, with hardwood floors and great natural light that streams in through its two windows. Our house is old, built in the 1930s, which means the closets are really awkward and small, but ironically enough the smallest bedroom has the best and most normal closet space — that means we’ll have lots of room for storing baby boy’s things since otherwise the room won’t allow for a ton of furniture.

I’ve been collecting ideas over the last several months, and I now have a great idea of what I want the room to look like. (I say “I” because Nick is a trooper who will pretty much go along with whatever I want when it comes to home decor. He’s a keeper.) While we don’t have the budget for all the items shown here, we have either found some great stand-ins at a lower price point or can use these inspiration items as our guide when looking for suitable substitutes.

1. These Are Things American Flags Map
Remember when I posted about this before? I simply couldn’t resist and I ordered it a few days later. We had only just found out I was pregnant with this little guy, but I knew that if everything worked out this time, it would be the perfect centerpiece for a nursery. Not super babyish, but adorably designed and pretty much the perfect color palette for my color-loving self. I knew it would work for either a boy or a girl’s room, given that I’m not super into the all-blue or all-pink look, and Nick and I both love cool maps so it was a no-brainer. I admit that when it arrived, I didn’t remove it from its tube for about two months because I thought I’d jinx the pregnancy — but behold, I finally took it out and it’s even more adorable in person. Now I just need to have it framed!

2. Dwell Mid-Century Dresser
We will most certainly not be spending $1,080 on this dresser, but we hope to find something similar with clean lines for holding baby’s necessities. As long as it will be large enough to hold a changing pad, I’m game, whether it comes from Ikea or, even better, something from a flea market that we can paint and make our own.

3. Ikea Raskog kitchen cart
Yup, this is a kitchen cart. But how perfect would it be for holding diapers, lotions, etc. next to the dresser-turned-changing-table? I’d like to see it in person before giving this a whirl, but let’s be honest — the color is screaming my name and for $49.99, it’s a given. Plus, I have a feeling that something on wheels could come in quite handy. (Thanks to Kristin for leading me to this!)

4. Little Castle Monaco II Glider
Oh, gliders. For the last few months I had my heart set on the perfect Klaussner Lacy Glider from Babies R Us — it was charcoal grey, had great reviews, and it was a great price point (I believe around $450? I can’t remember now). So of course, it would now be discontinued and unavailable at any Babies R Us throughout the country. This Little Castle Monaco II Glider in pebble gray with white piping also makes my heart sing, but it’s $659, which is a hard pill to swallow after our first choice was so much less (not to mention that the coordinating ottoman is another $269). There are other similar styles out there for reasonable prices, but they never seem to be available in gray, which is what I’m looking for. I’m now wondering (after asking my friend Susan for her expert advice) if we should find something vintage that we can reupholster and make truly our own for a smaller pricetag. We shall see.

5. Dwell Skyline bedding
Since we’re basing the room on the map print, this skyline bedding immediately seemed like the perfect fit for something that goes with a sort of travel/exploring theme without being too matchy-matchy. Many a mom has told me not to bother getting a complete bedding set, so we plan on getting just a crib skirt and this coordinating play blanket to bring in the adorable skyline pattern, while sticking with a good ol’ inexpensive, solid colored crib sheet.

6. Benjamin Moore Robin’s Nest
I have been hooked on this nursery for quite a while now, so when it came time to choose a paint color for our own nursery, I went straight back to the photos and details to find that the wall color was Robin’s Nest by Benjamin Moore. I bought a pint of it last week and Nick and I both fell in love with it as soon as he painted some test swatches. Easiest painting decision ever (as I’ve been known to make painting decisions somewhat painful in the past).

7. Oeuf Classic Crib
My expensive taste strikes again! This gorgeous crib from Oeuf is just perfect, but the $940 price tag is a bit much. Fortunately, the Baby Mod Olivia 3-in-1 crib from Walmart is a pretty great substitute, and only $269, so we’ll be going that route. As a bonus, it converts into a toddler bed or daybed later.

8. Blabla Mini-Pierre the Bunny
He’s simply adorable. That is all.

9. Target Yellow Flocked Lamp Shade
We already have a nice standing lamp that we can sit alongside the glider, so I’d love to find a colorful lampshade in one of our accent colors. This yellow would add the perfect pop, and of course I love a contrasting pattern thrown in.

10. White Shag Rug
I’m not dead-set on any particular rug, but I have always loved the look of something soft and cozy in a nursery. I’m not sure if white shag would necessarily be the best choice for a baby’s room, but we’ll see what we can find!

11. Sol Linero Alphabet Print
I bookmarked this almost two years ago from design work life and it just so happens that the colors coordinate perfectly with the map print and bedding. It’s fate. Our little guy needs to learn his ABCs, but of course he also needs to learn about good design! This would be an excellent place to start.