Truthfulhood Project | introduction

The Truthfulhood Project from

The short version: I’m jumping on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon and creating a new weekly project for myself. Each week, I will create a piece of art (be it hand lettering, a graphic pattern, orrrrr maybe a scribble on a post-it if I’m really tired) that expresses a truth of my motherhood experience, and share it on Instagram, along with some sort of story behind it. I’m calling it Truthfulhood.

The long version: I’m just about four weeks away from my due date with baby no. 2. While I approach maternity leave, postpartum fun, baby snuggles, sleep deprivation, and a new normal of parenting a newborn and a 3.5 year old, I wanted to give myself a challenge that will allow me to keep up with creating (for myself, not for clients), but without too much pressure. In January 2014 I dove into a daily hand lettering challenge, and promptly gave up by mid-February due to boredom/lack of time. This time around, I’m leaving the medium and final product more open ended, making it a weekly(-ish?) project instead of daily, and in general setting fairly low expectations 😉 And I may not always post on the same day each week, because: motherhood. But I’ll do my best.

I think it’s important for moms of all kind to be truthful about their motherhood experiences and supportive of one another. We all feel and handle experiences differently on this crazy, poop-filled rodeo, and ultimately we’re all just doing the best we can. I’ve been fortunate to have an amazing village of moms supporting me since I first found out I was pregnant with Graham, and one of my highlights of 2015 was monthly outings with a local group of mom friends that I’ve come to be close to. Once a month we’d meet up for a “post bedtime happy hour” (after the kids were in bed, or at least winding down, leaving dads on duty) for drinks, nachos, and whatever else we were in the mood for, to just catch up on life. I could always count on these ladies to be hilarious, brutally honest, and supportive, no matter what parenting/work/life challenges any of us might be facing at any particular time. I always leave our outings feeling refreshed, supported, and understood. Those ladies have become an important part of my village, and this project is a little extension of that sisterhood: sharing the good, the bad, the poop-covered, and the irrational-toddler-inspired truths of my motherhood experience.

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