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Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. It didn’t feel right to talk about this pregnancy without acknowledging the last one, and it was really nagging at me. Now that it’s all out in the open, I feel like I can share more about our excitement and anticipation for this little guy to arrive!

When we moved into our new house in December, we knew right away which room would become the nursery someday. It’s small yet cozy, with hardwood floors and great natural light that streams in through its two windows. Our house is old, built in the 1930s, which means the closets are really awkward and small, but ironically enough the smallest bedroom has the best and most normal closet space — that means we’ll have lots of room for storing baby boy’s things since otherwise the room won’t allow for a ton of furniture.

I’ve been collecting ideas over the last several months, and I now have a great idea of what I want the room to look like. (I say “I” because Nick is a trooper who will pretty much go along with whatever I want when it comes to home decor. He’s a keeper.) While we don’t have the budget for all the items shown here, we have either found some great stand-ins at a lower price point or can use these inspiration items as our guide when looking for suitable substitutes.

1. These Are Things American Flags Map
Remember when I posted about this before? I simply couldn’t resist and I ordered it a few days later. We had only just found out I was pregnant with this little guy, but I knew that if everything worked out this time, it would be the perfect centerpiece for a nursery. Not super babyish, but adorably designed and pretty much the perfect color palette for my color-loving self. I knew it would work for either a boy or a girl’s room, given that I’m not super into the all-blue or all-pink look, and Nick and I both love cool maps so it was a no-brainer. I admit that when it arrived, I didn’t remove it from its tube for about two months because I thought I’d jinx the pregnancy — but behold, I finally took it out and it’s even more adorable in person. Now I just need to have it framed!

2. Dwell Mid-Century Dresser
We will most certainly not be spending $1,080 on this dresser, but we hope to find something similar with clean lines for holding baby’s necessities. As long as it will be large enough to hold a changing pad, I’m game, whether it comes from Ikea or, even better, something from a flea market that we can paint and make our own.

3. Ikea Raskog kitchen cart
Yup, this is a kitchen cart. But how perfect would it be for holding diapers, lotions, etc. next to the dresser-turned-changing-table? I’d like to see it in person before giving this a whirl, but let’s be honest — the color is screaming my name and for $49.99, it’s a given. Plus, I have a feeling that something on wheels could come in quite handy. (Thanks to Kristin for leading me to this!)

4. Little Castle Monaco II Glider
Oh, gliders. For the last few months I had my heart set on the perfect Klaussner Lacy Glider from Babies R Us — it was charcoal grey, had great reviews, and it was a great price point (I believe around $450? I can’t remember now). So of course, it would now be discontinued and unavailable at any Babies R Us throughout the country. This Little Castle Monaco II Glider in pebble gray with white piping also makes my heart sing, but it’s $659, which is a hard pill to swallow after our first choice was so much less (not to mention that the coordinating ottoman is another $269). There are other similar styles out there for reasonable prices, but they never seem to be available in gray, which is what I’m looking for. I’m now wondering (after asking my friend Susan for her expert advice) if we should find something vintage that we can reupholster and make truly our own for a smaller pricetag. We shall see.

5. Dwell Skyline bedding
Since we’re basing the room on the map print, this skyline bedding immediately seemed like the perfect fit for something that goes with a sort of travel/exploring theme without being too matchy-matchy. Many a mom has told me not to bother getting a complete bedding set, so we plan on getting just a crib skirt and this coordinating play blanket to bring in the adorable skyline pattern, while sticking with a good ol’ inexpensive, solid colored crib sheet.

6. Benjamin Moore Robin’s Nest
I have been hooked on this nursery for quite a while now, so when it came time to choose a paint color for our own nursery, I went straight back to the photos and details to find that the wall color was Robin’s Nest by Benjamin Moore. I bought a pint of it last week and Nick and I both fell in love with it as soon as he painted some test swatches. Easiest painting decision ever (as I’ve been known to make painting decisions somewhat painful in the past).

7. Oeuf Classic Crib
My expensive taste strikes again! This gorgeous crib from Oeuf is just perfect, but the $940 price tag is a bit much. Fortunately, the Baby Mod Olivia 3-in-1 crib from Walmart is a pretty great substitute, and only $269, so we’ll be going that route. As a bonus, it converts into a toddler bed or daybed later.

8. Blabla Mini-Pierre the Bunny
He’s simply adorable. That is all.

9. Target Yellow Flocked Lamp Shade
We already have a nice standing lamp that we can sit alongside the glider, so I’d love to find a colorful lampshade in one of our accent colors. This yellow would add the perfect pop, and of course I love a contrasting pattern thrown in.

10. White Shag Rug
I’m not dead-set on any particular rug, but I have always loved the look of something soft and cozy in a nursery. I’m not sure if white shag would necessarily be the best choice for a baby’s room, but we’ll see what we can find!

11. Sol Linero Alphabet Print
I bookmarked this almost two years ago from design work life and it just so happens that the colors coordinate perfectly with the map print and bedding. It’s fate. Our little guy needs to learn his ABCs, but of course he also needs to learn about good design! This would be an excellent place to start.


  1. Love this! We also fell in love with an Oeuf crib, the Sparrow and picked up the Babyletto Hudson crib in white to appease our wallets :)

  2. This is adorable! We were in the same chair predicament as you and ultimately went with the expensive option (though ours is the recliner). Best. Decision. Ever. Our boy is 6 months old and my husband and I have spent some portion of almost every night sleeping in that thing. It was/is great for nursing, and it also has repelled the 12,000 spit-up accidents that have since occurred. Honestly, we tell each other at least once a week that this was one of our best purchases. (Promise I don’t work for them or anything – just trying to impart some wisdom, as we struggled with the cost, too!)

  3. How adorable!! Love the color palette. :)

  4. haha omg you will not believe this. Last night, I went through the archives of Curious & Co’s blog looking for that US map because I remembered it and thought perhaps I’d purchase it. I probably went through only about a million posts before I came here thinking I might have seen it here instead, and holy crap it was on the first page. First picture. Oh well, I still enjoyed seeing all of the pretty design stuffs on your other blog!

    And your inspiration for the nursery is absolutely perfect. Love, love, love.

  5. The ikea Raskog cart is wonderful, take my word for it! We bought it for exactly the same purpose and we love it. I just thought to myself last night, “I wish I had about 48 of these!”. Your nursery will be beautiful!!

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