hurricane attire

Some may wear galoshes and rain coats. We prefer more formal attire when hurricanes hit the east coast.

Okay, not really — we actually attended a fantabulous black tie wedding in Center City Philadelphia on Saturday night, so we still got all dolled up despite Irene’s appearance! We had such a magnificent time that we completely forgot there was even a hurricane outside.

I thought ahead and wore my hair half-up due to the crazy humidity that surely would have left me looking like Monica in the Caribbean had I worn it down. It took me over an hour to do that myself… yes, just that simple poof took me an hour. I have a newfound respect for hair stylists. Also: this was the first time I have ever seen Nick in a tux. I think he looked mighty dashing.

How was your weekend? Did Irene ruin your plans or just make them more eventful?


  1. You guys look great! (And that color looks fab on you!) I’m glad you guys had a good distraction from the storm. :-)

    P.S. — Coincidentally, the hubs and I are re-watching all the episodes of “Friends” from start to finish, and we watched that EXACT episode you reference in this post this past weekend!

  2. Brooke, you look stunning! What a beautiful dress! You guys both look great.

  3. You’re sooo pretty! That dress is amazing! Looks like it was a wonderful evening despite the weather.

  4. You all are good for a girl’s ego — thank you! Funny enough, there were at least 4 other women at the wedding wearing some variation of this dress, but no one wearing the same color as me! I guess we all have equally good taste ;)

  5. You two look quite dashing!! You are lucky you had a hurricane distraction, lovely!

  6. love your dress, so cute! My sister got married in Florida right before a hurricane a few years ago. It was supposed to be a beach wedding, but turned into a living room/backyard wedding when the venue was shut down & evacuated. The best men grilled burgers & dogs for the wedding dinner and we had hurricanes as the signature cocktail. We had a great time though and so memorable!

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