White’s Books

You all know that I love my Kindle, but I still adore beautiful real books, too, even if it is just for the covers. I love how many classics are being brought back to life with fresh new cover designs lately, and this bunch from White’s Books (founded by designer David Pearson and publisher Jon Jackson) particularly strikes my fancy. Each cover was designed by a different illustrator and has it’s own unique aesthetic, but the type style and placement tie them together nicely as a series.

images via Creative Review, found via The Naked and The Read

If you like them, too, you can buy the books here.


  1. Those are gorgeous, and you just helped me take care of half of my Christmas gifts to buy. So thanks!

  2. holy cow those are stunning. and i agree with the previous comment, i would buy the CRAP out of prints like those!

  3. @Danielle, I’m so glad someone bought them!!! Let me know how you like them in person :)

    @E, @Sarah, @Ali – I agree, these would make gorgeous prints. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled!

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