1. Aw! Super cute!
    Have you ever ordered anything from ModCloth? I often look at their site, but I am never sure about sizing because I am so tall.

  2. Cute dress! I absolutely adore Modcloth, but their stuff always sells out quickly!! I bought an awesome dress from there that I love. I might blog about it (your post reminded me) :)

  3. Every dress, top or decor item I've ever wanted from Modclth has been sold out. Maybe it's better that way?

  4. Oh, I know, so many super cute things and most of them very affordable! They do sell out quickly. I like to go there for inspiration then make similarly flavored dresses myself!

  5. omg brooke everything you post on here I want to buy!! wanna be my honeymoon stylist? I have no talent in finding the great pieces you find!

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