sweet Thanksgiving place cards

It is difficult to believe that tomorrow is December 1 already…where did November go?

We had a great long holiday weekend with Nick’s family in central PA and I think I have just about recovered from the over-indulging. There were 25 of us at Thanksgiving dinner (and that’s not even everyone that’s usually at family gatherings!) and my job was to make place cards for everyone. Clearly, I love paper and papery things, but if there’s one thing better than paper, it’s cookies. So that means the only thing better than paper place cards are edible place cards.

I already had some 4.25″ x 2″ labels and cellophane baggies, so I decided to make my favorite ultimate chocolate chip cookies and package two in a bag for each person. I threw together a little design and made a label with each person’s name on it, which also doubled as a seal for the bag when folded over to secure things. The final result looked really cute on everyone’s plate (and served as a little dessert-before-dinner for those with a super sweet tooth!).

The labels looked like this when I printed out a full sheet — you can see that once they were printed, they were folded over between the two “give thanks” banners and over the folded bag to close it. (Names have all been replaced with my name and Nick’s name so you can’t stalk our family members :)

Needless to say, they were a hit. But really, what crazy person wouldn’t love cookies?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well!


  1. wherever did you get that amazing cookie recipe? they look exquisite. i can see the salt glistening ;)

  2. So precious! I wish cookies and/or chocolatey things in general would have a bigger presence at Thanksgiving.

  3. I love these! My cousin was in charge of place cards and made beautifully hand caligraphed cards. These are things I love but never think to do myself. Beautiful!

  4. Please come over for Thanksgiving . . . or anyday . . . and tell me where to sit. I need one of those cookie packets!

  5. Those look SO delish!! Please send some my way! My cookies never turn out right, they are dense and not chewy :( So I love Nestle Bake n Break cookies, haha. Imma cheater :)

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