Number 94: Ms. Winfrey

Last Thursday, my mom and I jetted off to Chicago so I could check one more thing off of my 101 in 1001 list:

94. Go to a taping of Oprah

Let me tell you — it was FUN with a capital F-U-N. With it being Oprah’s final season of her show, we knew we had to find our way there soon if we were going to get there at all. Having a flexible schedule and a mom who is retired allowed us to book this somewhat last-minute trip when we lucked out with tickets (you can submit requests here), and we are so glad that we did. We were able to see guests Jon Stewart and Liza Minelli (the show airs today!), and went home with some fun loot (no trip to Australia, though ;).

You can tell by the sky that the sun was just coming up when we got to the studio around 6:20am; Oprah is probably the only person for whom I will wake up at 5am!

No photos are allowed inside the studio, so we snagged this shot outside after the taping

If you have the chance to go before the show ends, DO IT! It is so. much. fun.

Our trip was only Thursday to Saturday, but we still managed to see a bit of Chicago; I was there last year with Nick, but my mom had never been to the windy city. The weather was positively delightful on Thursday and Friday, and rain came just as we were heading to O’Hare to catch our flight home on Saturday, so we didn’t mind at all.

Anyone else planning to get to an Oprah Winfrey Show taping before the end of her final season? How is your 101 in 1001 list going?


  1. Adorable photos! Quick question–what’s your camera? I only ask because it looks familiar to mine, but I’m not sure.

    I had to spend 3 weeks in Chicago for training one summer (badly timed as I was miserable because I missed my then-bf-now-husband’s birthday and all of my friends going off to grad school, mostly in foreign lands) and we were staying very close to Harpo Studios. I met one of my colleagues at a wine bar past it and ended up walking this very quiet, eerie street wearing a strapless minidress and a long ivory cardigan, just trying not to get mugged/raped on my way there. Passing Harpo Studios was a very strange moment in “Holy crap, I’m in Oprah-land!” but given that it was summer and 10PM at night it was completely deserted.

    Regardless, I did get to see the famous Bean and the State Street Marshall Fields before it changed hands to Macy’s, so there were some highlights. :-)

  2. @Serena, thank you! You’re too sweet.

    @Elizabeth, my camera is the Panasonic Lumix TZ-5. It’s a great point-and-shoot; we got it for our honeymoon two years ago and it’s still going strong!

  3. How freaking awesome that you were able to go! I hope you’re going to tell us what awesome swag you were given!

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