no-bake chocolate eclair cake

Last Friday night, Nick and I had dinner at the home of my oldest friend, Jill (you may remember her from the Cabbage Patch Kid story) and her beautiful family. Jill and her hubby cooked up a delicious dinner for us, and we provided the dessert.

Nick’s aunt passed along this recipe for a no-bake chocolate eclair cake a few years ago, and it’s our favorite go-to dessert that doesn’t involve turning on the oven. (You may have heard that Philadelphia was fracking HOT last week, so the last thing we needed to do was heat up our kitchen any further.) We halved the recipe and used a smaller pan since it was just a small gathering, and there was still plenty to go around.

No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake
two 3 oz. boxes instant vanilla pudding
3 Cups milk
8 oz. Cool Whip
1 box whole graham crackers
1 can chocolate frosting

Mix pudding and milk until thick, then add Cool Whip. In a a 9″ x 13″ pan, lay graham crackers evenly on bottom. Spread 1/2 pudding mixture on crackers. Add another layer of graham crackers and remaining pudding. Top with graham crackers and press slightly into pudding. Top with icing. Refrigerate overnight.

Note: sometimes it’s a little difficult putting the icing on the top layer of graham crackers. Nick’s trick is putting the icing in the microwave for a little bit to soften it, dropping several spoonfuls on top of the graham crackers, and then spreading the icing across the top.

Chilling overnight turns the graham crackers into a soft crust. YUM.  Enjoy!


  1. this looks amazing!!! what a perfect light, chocolatey summer treat :-)

  2. My mom has been making this all my life and I l-o-v-e it! So easy and so scrumptious!

  3. I think my sister makes something that is very similar (might be the same?) and it is DELICIOUS!

  4. Hooooly moly. This sounds freakin delicious. Guess what is going on my grocery list for tomorrow….

  5. i am salivating over this photo. there is nothing in the world that i want to eat right now more than this.

  6. So light and tasty. I remember my mother making this for a party and I loved it!

  7. Oh my gosh … this looks AMAZING!!! I am definitely going to make this – and soon!

  8. Okay. I DID make this last night and for the sweet love of all that is holy … WOW. It is amazing! I have to admit that I have just been eating a few bites here and there with a fork. I made it in a little loaf pan instead of a 9×13 because my husband is deployed and, well, let’s not get out of control. :) I also put another layer of frosting in the middle because, well, my husband is deployed. I used to read you on Wedding Bee and I just found your blog – so glad I did!

  9. I’ve tasted this. It is great. I’m going to bring it to a dinner for 25 skiers. I am certain they will love it.

  10. I am going to make this using Sugar Free Almond Breeze, sugar free pudding, sugar free cool whip and yes you guessed it sugar free chocolate icing. Hope it turns out good, oh well you never know till you try.

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