Monday music, vol. 38: King of Wishful Thinking

Every Monday, I’ll be sharing a pick-me-up song with the hopes of helping you begin your week on a positive note. Happy Monday!

Did Go West ever have any other hits aside from this song? I’m not sure, but this tune is certainly delightful (and I may or may not have belted it out in my car this weekend). Oh, and the video is quite the amazing representation of fine fashion of the 80s.

Buy this song here.


  1. YES! This is one of those songs that I MUST stop at if I hear it on the radio. Such a good sing-a-long tune!

  2. OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Totally have it on my iPod. Also, yes, they did have other hits: remember “Faithful”? “I will be faithful to my lover’s prayer, faithful, and I don’t care!” LOVE Go West. Awesome choice for this week! :)

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