Kick★ss Cupcakes

In case you didn’t know, Boston is my favorite city. If Nick and I ever had the opportunity to move there, I’m 99% sure that we would. (And that’s saying a lot for two people who have lived their entire lives in Pennsylvania… except for those four years of college that I spent in Delaware… but let’s be honest, it’s close enough that it may as well have been Pennsylvania.)

I don’t know why we didn’t know about Kick★ss Cupcakes before our last visit to Beantown, but you can bet your sweet cupcake that the next time we head north, this will be on our list of required stops.

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The flavors that I’m dying to try:

Green Monster | chocolate cupcake and chocolate beer ganache center with Sam Adams Cream Stout frosting

S’more | graham cracker cupcake with chocolate ganache and a toasted vanilla bean marshmallow

The Lucky Cupcake | luscious lemon cupcake with white chocolate buttercream and candied ginger, comes with a fortune

Between this place and Johnny Cupcakes being based in Boston, it’s like fate is telling me I belong there. (I am Mrs. Cupcake, after all.)


  1. Oh, Brooke, you terrible enabler you. Boston is only 5 hours from here. I can get those cupcakes and still be back in time for dinner…

    I love your choices. Green Monster and S’more would be the cupcakes that come home with me.

  2. Um, yes – my hips remind me daily of their delicousness. The cookie dough cupcake is A+ as well. They also have ‘PupCakes’ for dogs with peanut butter frosting that I have to restrain from trying myself.

  3. Yay Boston! and OMG yay kickass cupcakes. So delicious. There are cupcake tours in Boston – you should totally move here. And your husband loves the Red Sox (I remember your grooms cake!) it’s a done deal!

  4. Also born and raised in Pennsylvania and also would move to Boston in a heartbeat! (Also love cupcakes.)

  5. Ahh! I love Boston too! Next time I go, I will have to indulge in some cupcakes.

  6. Saw them on “Kid in a Candy Store” on Food Network last week and we put this on our “Boston To-Do List” as well! Their Smores and Green Monster look/sound AMAZING!

  7. Those look delish! The lucky cupcake is calling my name, I’m a sucker for lemon cupcakes!

  8. I love Kick Ass; I used to live 10 mins. from them. Very dangerous. Their mojito cupcake is the best, followed closely by the banana cream and the lucky. Sigh . . . maybe I’ll have to go get myself some tomorrow. Damn you, Brooke!

  9. Have you ever tried Smitten Kitchen’s Irish Car Bomb cupcakes? Sounds almost exactly like the Green Monster one… and would cost a lot less to make than a trip to Boston. Consider this a… cost-saving tip. :)

    I’ve made them – the cupcake part is indeed amazing, but I always mess up frosting, and I did mess up this one, so… can’t vouch for it :)

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