I gave away all my shorts

Sometime over the course of the last year, in one of my “I haven’t worn this in forever so it’s going to Goodwill” moods, I got rid of the two pairs of shorts I owned that aren’t running shorts. No, I hadn’t worn them in a while… but now I’m completely short-less! It took a 95 degree day on Wednesday to realize this. Oops.

While I normally prefer to wear skirts over shorts anyhow, I think I should still pick up a comfy pair or two to get me through the summer, especially since I’ll be spending a lot of time down the shore this summer at my mom’s new beach house. (Here in the Philadelphia area, “down the shore” is our way of saying “going to the beach.” It’s just how we do it around here; don’t ask me why.)

I am definitely not a fan of denim shorts. I have just never found a comfortable pair, so I usually go for lighter-weight fabrics for those super hot days. I like these Havannah shorts from Fossil, and I like that the pattern is a little on the dressier side… but I’m not sure the number of times I’d wear them justifies the $58 price tag.

I’m short (5’3″ on a good day) so finding the right length is key for me when it comes to shorts. I don’t need anything riding up all day, thankyouverymuch, but anything that gets too long just looks silly on me. These Perfect Khaki Shorts with a 5″ inseam from Old Navy might actually be close to perfect, and I like the neutral light gray. Plus, I can definitely handle $19.95.

While not as practical and classic, these Heatwave shorts from Anthro are damn cute and perfectly nautical. But again with the $58 pricetag… are Fossil and Anthro in cahoots?

Where do you find cute, inexpensive shorts that get you through the summer? (Oh, and I’m going to say it: I think capris are stupid. I just don’t like ’em anymore. So please don’t even try to talk me into them.)


  1. I love love love J. Crew's chino shorts. They have a 3" inseam, a 5" inch inseam, and they go up from there, but if you don't want longer, those would be your best bets. They're $39.50, but it looks like some of them are on sale on the website at least. Worth checking into. They're not detailed or anything (I really like a more classic look and cut) but they do come in super fun colors.

  2. I have those Old Navy shorts and they are the perfect length, and so comfortable. I bought them in three colors!

  3. I agree with the JCrew recommendation…especially if you can hit up the outlet. I saw a cute tie-waist pocket short the other day in Banana, but you wanted cheap, right? Might have to wait for a sale on those ones. Good luck! ~brittni

  4. I'll third the JCrew rec! I'm even shorter than you, at 5'1", and the 3" inseam is perfect for me. They often go on sale, so keep an eye out.

  5. Somebody told me that Old Navy is having some mega shorts sale tomorrow? I am not sure how true this is. I too, am not a huge fan of shorts, but find myself wanting a nice, low slung pair for this summer. "Down the shore" makes me nuts! I am a native New Yorker and we always said "go to the beach." People around here look at me funny when I call it the beach. As if calling it the beach is only relevant if you are already "down the shore" and you are in fact, walking "to the beach." I guess I better get used to it…

  6. jorts. i have hated shorts for most of my adult life. but being in a print shop has made me rethink, because i don't want any flyaway fabric getting caught up in a press. learned that lesson well with my hair as you remember.

    everything i wear gets ruined, so i was thinking of making an old navy trip myself. let me know how you like them!

  7. looove the old navy perfect khaki shorts! i found a green pair on clearance for $5 last weekend… they don't match a lot, but for lounging around the house they're perfect.

  8. I found really cute patterned ones at Old Navy last year. Still haven't worn them, but they are CUTE :) It's my goal to wear shorts this summer – I don't think I have since high school! I love my skirts and dresses :)

  9. I am normally a skirt girl in the summer, but am loving all the cute shorts that I've been seeing, I must go shopping!

  10. @l'ananas – funny, that was actually a huge misunderstanding when Nick and I started dating! He kept saying he loved the beach, loved the beach… so one time, we went "down the shore" and I was ready to go to the beach and he was all cranky about going. I said, "but you love the beach!" and he said, "I love the beach, not the BEACH." Or, rather, in Brooke-language, he loves the shore, but not the beach :)

  11. I picked up a really great pair of pinstripe grey volcom shorts this spring & love them… definitely give these a try if you're in the market for another pair, there are a few more colors too!

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