feel the love

Happy (almost) Valentine’s day! Now that our Valentines have hopefully arrived in the mailboxes of our friends and family, I can share them with you.

I’m normally not a pink-and-gold kind of girl, but for some reason, I was really feeling a Marie Antoinette-esque color scheme for this design. After all, it’s happy and lovey and Valentiney, right? Plus, I’m not gonna lie — I do enjoy the metallic ink when it comes to Gocco projects. It’s sparklyyy.

I chose to design our card around a quote from Vincent van Gogh, one of my favorite impressionists. Using Blossom cover stock and A6 envelopes from Paper Source, I screen printed the design with my Gocco and gold ink.

See? Sparkly!

Sending Valentines may become my new tradition — it’s not like Christmastime, when everyone expects several holiday cards in their mailboxes each day, so I’ve loved the genuine surprise and delight that our friends and family members have displayed after receiving our Valentine’s Day cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! Enjoy the weekend with someone you love.


  1. They turned out great! I would have loved to received this in the mail :) I know your friends and family will love them!

  2. Sigh, these are seriously gorgeous. Frame-worthy!

  3. I LOVED it! I actually put it in a gold frame to put out with my Valentine's decorations each year! So talented, and made my day.

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