dreaming of theme parties

When I’m out jogging through my neighborhood, I become a special kind of weirdo. As I pass by many (out of our price range) adorable houses, I survey if there is enough street parking for all of our (imaginary) party guests when we throw our (equally imaginary) awesome parties at each house (that isn’t ours).

I told you. Special kind of weirdo.

Seriously, though: I often dream of the day when we will have the kind of home that is perfect for entertaining our friends and families. Great big open spaces, a nice backyard, ample parking. I conjure up all of the awesome theme parties we could have, if only we had the space. Here are some of the ideas that will remain on the backburner until I have my time in the entertaining spotlight.

Swap Party
I still want to do this someday, and not just with clothes. Wouldn’t it be fun to know that your friends are able to take home some items you no longer have use for, while you get to scoop up something “new” in exchange? Anything unclaimed at the end of the party can be donated to Goodwill. I’ve been really taking to the Unclutterer way of thinking lately, and it’s sometimes a little easier to get rid of something when you know where it’s going.

Mad Men Party
Come on over and hang out with the gang from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Put on a pointy bra, wear a slightly-provocative-but-not-overly-revealing dress, and be ready to drink Roger Sterling under the table. Don-worthy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will abound, while the tunes of the early 60s play in the background.

Mixed Brew Party
This one’s for the beer lovers. Bring two six-packs of the beer of your choosing — one to share at the party, one to put aside until the end of the party — and be prepared to work your way through other guests’ selections. At the end of the night, break out everyone’s second six-packs and allow each guest to mix and match their new favorites into a custom six pack to bring home with them.

Halloween Costume Party
Nick and I met at a Halloween costume party, so of course I look forward to the day when we can host our own ghoulish gathering. Costumes required, or else…!

What are some awesome theme parties you’ve been to (or would like to go to)?


  1. Great party ideas! Love a good costume party. We used to have a Wiggin’ Out Party at our house, now it has turned into a huge fundraiser, this year for cancer. You must wear a wig to attend!

  2. Oooh, Mad Men party sounds like so much fun! And I’m going to sound like a huge dork when I say this, but a Harry Potter themed party might be pretty cool too :)

  3. You know I love a good themed party. ;) The costumes for my Nerdy Thirty party was hilarious. I really loved our Hip Hop Holiday party and our Indie Rock Prom. I enjoy any excuse to dress up, and I take my costumes VERY seriously.

    PLEASE have a swap party!!! I have SO MANY clothes/shoes/accessories/etc due to my, ehem, little shopping problem. And I’d love it if someone could get some use out of them.

  4. I always love a good Ugly Christmas Sweater party for Christmas get-togethers – you can find some great gems at thrift stores :)

  5. My dream is to host a masquerade ball. Yup masks and all. My plan is to have that for my 30th birthday Bash. hmmm… 3 years left. Gotta get crackin on that. ;)

  6. I’ve been wanting to have a Mad Men party for so long! Great ideas…

    p.s.-I’m also a member of the “special kind of weirdo” club. ;)

  7. The Mixed Brew Party just made me grin :) Yes, I am absolutely taking that idea and hosting one of our own!

  8. I went to a swap party and came home with a COACH purse. I KNOW! And, when I got home, I found the never-been-used matching wallet inside. I was so pumped! I also got designer shoes that someone was too lazy to return when they didn’t fit. Seriously, I need to be better friends with those people (they were friends of friends). My stuff was nice, but not that nice. Most of the ladies at the party were smaller than me, but I still got a cute coat that I can’t wait to wear in the fall, plus a dress and some shirts (if I could just lose another 15 pounds – that dress would be smokin).

  9. @Amanda, that is so awesome that you had a good experience at a swap party! I am actually really excited to organize one once we have a space that is a bit more accommodating for people (and all their loot).

    @Jess, let me know how your Mixed Brew Party turns out!! I have heard of the concept before but *may* have just made up my own spin (because I can’t remember the exact concept). I think that sounds good though, right? If each couple brings a six pack to share and a six pack to trade for home, that gives each person 3 beers to drink at the party and 3 to drink at home! :)

  10. My husband and I love having theme parties! I can’t even count the number of Halloween parties I’ve thrown over the years (costumes required). This past year we hosted a small LOST party for the finale and we had a Hat Party one year – people wore anything from simple baseball caps to vintage cloches. One friend even wore a lobster hat.

  11. I second the Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I’d also like to attend an 80’s par-tay. Or maybe a pimp and ho party (where you either dress like a pimp or a ho, ha).

    I can’t wait for us to have a house (rather than our dinky condo), so we have room (and no noise pollution to consider) to host our own parties!

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