Divine Twine giveaway!

REMINDER: today is the last day to enter this giveaway! Tell your friends all about it and get your entries in before 11:59pm EST today, Wednesday, August 18. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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The time has arrived for the very first giveaway ever on Claremont Road! I can’t imagine a more perfect prize, and I’m so excited to give a little something back to my fabulous readers.

The generous Whitney, creator of Divine Twine, is kindly offering three (count ’em, THREE!) spools of Divine Twine to one lucky reader, in the colors of his/her choice (yes, you can mix-and-match to your heart’s content). That’s a prize valued at $45… and look at all the fabulous colors there are to choose from!

images via Divine Twine shop and Whisker Graphics blog

You have two ways to enter this giveaway:

1. Comment below and tell me: What is your favorite Divine Twine color, and how would you use it if you win?


2. Follow @claremontroad on Twitter (if you’re not already following me!) and tweet this statement with your color choice filled in:

I entered to win 3 spools of Divine Twine on @claremontroad’s blog! My Divine Twine color of choice is ________ http://bit.ly/9VkA0V

…and then come back here and leave another comment with a direct link to your tweet. You must be following me on Twitter for your entry to be counted.

Go ahead and enter both ways, if you’re feeling lucky! You have until Wednesday, August 18 at 11:59pm EST to enter. A winner will be selected randomly and announced on this blog on Thursday, August 19.

Good luck!


  1. I’m really loving the red/green combo for Christmas, but I think the blue would also be great to wrap thank hostess gifts for my upcoming baby showers :) Great giveaway!

  2. I adore the aqua. I would love to use it with red packaging this Christmas, and just for fun would try crocheting a trivet/potholder because it matches my kitchen perfectly! P.S. Congrats on your first giveaway!

  3. Ah, I love this stuff! My favorite color is the yellow, but I already have a ton, so I think I’d want some gray! What a fun giveaway!

  4. Ooooh love this stuff! Definitely the Divine Aqua. Fun!

  5. I am totally obessed lately with orange. That is my choice! I am taking up sewing and crocheting so this would be perfect!!!

  6. I love love love divine twine. My favorite is the black and white or aqua, and I’d use it for pretty pretty packaging. :)

  7. I’m a sucker for everything Green Apple. Ooh, and the Cherry Devine would look great on gifts wrapped with butcher paper.

  8. Ooooh, pretty :) Can you mix and match? I love the green, aqua, and gray, but I’d probably get red or orange to create goodies that match the shower I’m throwing in September. Love it!

  9. Love this!! My favorite color is either the yellow or grey. I think it would look great on gifts, but I’m sure I could find something crafty to do with it too!

  10. I’m loving the aqua and cherry combination lately. It’s definitely my choice.

  11. Cute! I can definitely see using this for wrapping gifts. Blue is my favorite!

  12. omg! I’ve been wanting to order from Divine Twine but haven’t been able to convince husband that I need twine. (I TOTALLY need twine. boys. feh.) I love love love the yellow twine, it totally speaks to me. And the gray. I think the combo would be lovely.

    I tweeted too! https://twitter.com/mariemuffin

  13. ::squeal:: Ohhhh I hope I win! ;o) I’m actually putting together wedding invites for my besties wedding and would luuuuurve twine to incoporate into them.

  14. I love the oyster and cotton candy colors!!! I could wrap some LOVELY packages with this. :) I was excited about this post before I even realized it was a giveaway! Love the twine.

  15. My colors of choice would be orange and aqua. To pick only one, definitely orange. I would use them together and wrap up our wedding favors and gifts for our attendants. After the wedding I would use it for everything that requires string! :)

  16. I love divine twine! I would get the grey to use on a wedding that I’m planning/coordinating.

  17. I just love the idea of mixing the yellow and blue. If I got it before I finished our wedding favors, I would use it to tie them. =)

  18. I love the cherry to wrap gifts and versatile for all seasons! (Btw, I watched an episode of If You Really Knew Me online during lunch and was so moved. Thanks for the suggestion!)

  19. I love the green! I’d use it to wrap presents and to hang some small pictures from in my new apartment.

  20. Oyster is my favorite! I’ve been wanting some of this twine forever. I’d use it to package quilt orders, wrap gifts, etc. So many possibilities :)

  21. Wow! This is a fabulous giveaway! Three?! Can’t I pick three colors then?! :) I’d have to go with the green/red for Christmas – I love wrapping in brown craft paper and this would be a perfect accent!

  22. Awesome giveaway! So hard to pick a color, but I’ll go with Cherry! I think it would be fun to use it for packaging my baked good or in making gift tags.

  23. oooo awesome! i would love to win some black divine twine :) i am a polaroid photographer and have a show coming up soon so i would use it to hang images. also, as a mailer accent of course :) hope i win!

  24. EEek! I have been wanting some of this…. I would buy the turquoise to use for my etsy shipping packages! :)

  25. I’m really liking the green twine. I’d use it to tie up pretty paper lanterns on our fancy new patio!

  26. Aqua! My grad school BFF is having a baby soon and I’m trying to organize her shower… I think the uses for twine would be endless!

  27. Ohh great giveaway! My favorite color is the aqua/blue color! If I won, I would use it for packaging presents for our wedding party! Also, I love making baked goods for friends and family so having this for pretty packaging would be great!


  28. I love the yellow and Auqa blue and red. I would wrap gifts with it or try to knit with it.I am following on Twitter.

  29. i have the gray i just bought from the renegade craft fair and i love all the colors, i’m using them to wrap paper goods and baked packaged goods for friends!

  30. I’d use the lemon or orange to tie up finished invitations I sent to clients!

  31. Cotton candy, please!!! I heart pink. What an aweseome giveaway! I’m throwing a surprise party for my MIL next month and would use the twine for SO MUCH of the decor!

  32. So had to choose! But, I really love the black twine.

  33. gray! or red…and like many others, i’d use the twine to pretty up packages.

  34. Love this!! The aqua is my favorite! I still have the green from my wedding. I would use it for gifts.

  35. I have been eying the beauty that is known as Divine Twine for months now. I just couldn’t justify purchasing 240 yards all for myself in just one color, and I reluctantly had to pass on it (trying to use my wedding as an excuse for the pretty twine). But a giveaway? Now that I can do. *smiles*

    I personally love the pop of brightness of the yellow twine the most, and the simplicity of the oyster gray is perfection. *swoon*

    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on it being the first for your blog. I have followed you from the Weddingbee days as Mrs. Cupcake onto Claremont Road but always too intimidated to comment. Of course I’m a UD alumni too and absolutely love your shout outs to the small state & college. =) Thanks again!

  36. I love the cherry color! Im a big baker and usually give the stuff i make to our neighbors and friends! This would be the perfect thing to tie up the packages, and make them look extra special!

  37. Eeeee I love Divine Twine, but never got to actually ordering any. So… keeping my fingers crossed. I would choose : Black (can’t go wrong with that) Yellow because its my new favorite color and a toss up between the blue or pink.

  38. Rushed over when I saw the give away. I so want the pink. Would look lovely with some of business items.

  39. LOVE!! I used touches of this twine in my wedding, but wish I’d discovered it sooner to use it more!! Would love the blue and the orange ’cause they’d look great on packages and in my house (not sure why I feel like it’d need to match my house, but I do!) and the black because that’s just classic :)

  40. I love the green apple twine! I would use it to wrap up baked goods as gifts to people in adorable packages!

  41. I love the red color. So adorable! I would love to use it come Christmas time to wrap packages!

  42. I’m torn between the green and yellow. I think I’d only wrap presents in kraft paper and use the twine as ribbon.

  43. I love the pink (if I had to pick only one) and would use it wrap up cookie packages for my friends!

  44. oh i’d LOVE to win this! i’m torn between the oyster and cotton candy. i’d use them for our baby girls invites, thank yous and various gift tags. not to mention wrapping gifts. oh the possibilities!

  45. Love the yellow. ooohhh and the teal. I think I’d use them to snazzy up our thank you cards from our wedding.

  46. So lovely! This giveaway is right up my alley. I would use them for adorable gift wrap with kraft paper, to jazzy up cards, or to use in collages, so many uses! I love the orange, oyster or aqua, they are all swell

  47. I use Divine Twine on all of my Etsy shippings – I love it! My favorite color is Green Apple and I’d love to try Aqua too. Great giveaway!

  48. I have to go with cherry, green apple, and oyster! soo cute!

  49. I love the oyster coz it is so versatile. Would love to use it to package favors for my wedding!

  50. My choices would be cotton candy, aqua or green apple. They’d be a great addition to the the packages I’ll be sending my husband as we’ve just said goodbye to start our long distance marriage — he’s in CA and I’m in DC!

  51. I love love love the Lemon Divine Twine! I am working on some stationery with a Bee theme and the Lemon twine would go perfect! :) Such a fun giveaway!

  52. Red would be wonderful for Christmas of course. And since pink and orange were our wedding colors, they would make a perfect addition to some Christmas presents that we are sending out.

  53. I would LOVE the yellow, gray and green ( wedding color- holla) twine colors! I think the green is just so fresh looking and I love the yellow & gray combo. Besides wrapping presents ( the claremont way with brown postal paper), i think i could come up with a few creative ways to decorate the apartment. They remind me of the red twine that bakeries used to tie boxes up with :)

  54. I’ve just gone through a spool of yellow on my invitations- but I’d love some more, and some pink! For favor tags, escort card tree… anything, really ;) Love this stuff!

  55. I love the green! I’d use it wrap up presents with old grocery bags as an eco-friendly wrapping paper.

  56. I love the green apple twine, I would use it for wrapping gifts, and packaging cookies.

  57. Ohmygoodness! It took me a while to decide, and clean up the drool, but I think that the Aqua Devine Twine is my favorite color. What would I do with this loveliness? I think I would wrap everything with it! Kraft paper, here I come. Old school friendship bracelets, anyone?

  58. I love the pink and aqua. I just used up the last of my red twine wrapping up panties for my sis’ bachelorette party this weekend! Great giveaway. Love the blog. Miss seeing your posts on Weddingbee you are such an inspiration!

  59. I love all things red, and this twine would be perfect to wrap around holiday gifts!

  60. I am loving the red, green, and gray colors! This twine would be fabulous for wrapping gifts, decorating, organization (using the twine to hang labels), and various parties!

  61. I love the pink and red because they would go perfectly with my wedding! I’m creating gift tags as escort cards for my Christmas wedding and I’d love to use the twine for those.

  62. LOVE the aqua. I can see myself getting crafty with it:)

  63. Wonderful giveaway, thanks! I’d love to pair the yellow color with dark charcoal stationery paper to make the twine ::pop::!

  64. My fave is the apple, and I’m dreaming of Christmas gifts wrapped in kraft paper and green apple or cherry twine :)

  65. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite…but if forced, I think it would be the aqua. I’ve been dreaming up how I want to wrap xmas presents/create xmas cards this year, and I would want to incorporate the twine for sure!

  66. So hard to choose! Because I have cooler weather on the brain, I’d definitely pick orange and black. I’d use it to make Halloween cards for family and friends. It would be a toss up for pretty lemon or oyster since I just used the last of my blue twine.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  67. It’s a toss up between Green Apple and Licorice. I’d definitely use it to wrap up flowers from the Farmer’s Market to give to my mom. I take her flowers every weekend.

  68. I like green! I’d use it to package up my hair accessories that I sell on Etsy!

  69. Sigh. They’re all so delicious! I love the happy combo of Oyster+Green Apple. They’d make any little note extra special. Thanks, Brooke!

  70. Can I have it in every color please?! Seriously though, I would love Oyster, Aqua, and Cotton Candy. I have an aqua and pink kitchen and I would use this twine to package up all the treats I bake in it and deliver to my friends. :)

  71. LOVE THE YELLOW! the uses are endless, but i will specifically use it for *placecards* for a shower that i’m hosting. i will wind it around large wooden spools (like so: http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.164723359.jpg) and attach a tiny manilla tag with each name typed onto it. Seriously adorable aaaand it will be a favor! who couldn’t use 25 yards of yellow twine?! pick me, pick me – i’ll be passing it forward!! :)

  72. Love it! My favorites are the cherry – or the aqua – and I’d use it for gift wrapping the treats from my canning projects!

  73. I love the cherry and oyster! They’re our wedding colors so the twine would be in our invitations, programs, favors and so much more!

  74. Oooooh, I hope I win! I would use the red color, and I’d use it to tie up the packets in my out-of-town bags!

  75. i love this contest! <3
    i am drooling over the aqua color… i would use it to tie up leftovers in takeout boxes for dinner guests… and i would probably wear some around my wrist as super-casual bracelet!

  76. I’d love to win, I’m a huge fan of Divine Twine. If I won I’d choose the cotton candy color and use it to package my clients packages. thanks for the chance!

  77. love the twine, brooke! call me boring, but I am a sucker for the oyster gray and the black licorice. I need some inspiration in my life. These just might do the trick!.l

  78. Love, love, love the green apple twine! Hubby and I just found out we’re pregnant, so I’d be using it on the baby announcements down the road.

  79. I adore the cherry red twine. It would be the perfect accompaniment to my Christmas baked goods!

  80. I use the apple green in my packaging, but I’d love some red so I can use them both at Christmas!

  81. Can I say I love them all?? I need the lemon color in my life (A new yellow house calls for pretty “we’ve moved announcements with yellow twine!)

  82. I think I love the red twine the most! No, blue. No, black. No, green! So hard to choose!

  83. I would love the grey and the green to tie bows for wedding favors and make cute garland. =)

  84. Ooh! I’ve been wanting a spool of this for a long time! I would definitely pick the aqua twine, and I’d use it to wrap etsy packages from my vintage store, or for gifts.

  85. Definitely the green! I would love to use it with red gift boxes this Christmas,

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  87. i love the Cherry Divine Twine. would go great on my Christmas cards!

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