conversations with a half-asleep husband | 4.01.10

Scene: I am sitting on the couch blogging and watching tv after Nick has already gone to bed. I hear the bedroom door open, he groggily walks by me to go into the kitchen, then comes right back into the living room and sits down on the love seat.

Brooke: “Hi, honey… you okay?”

Nick: “Yeah… I came out here to get a drink of water, because there were crocodiles in our apartment.”

Brooke: “Oh. Scary.”

Nick: “Yeah… Make a wish, it’s 12:12.”

Brooke: “That’s not how it works, honey. It’s when it’s 11:11, or 2:22…”

Nick: “That’s how it works in my book. I wish the night away.”

Brooke: “Okay.”

Aaaaand he gets up and goes back to bed. Uh, goodnight?


  1. That is beyond hilarious! I love it. I have crazy strange conversations with my husband too, until I realize he is sleeping and it's much funnier to shut up and listen. Once he informed me we needed ONE CABBAGE. JUST ONE CABBAGE. I nearly died laughing.

  2. Ahahaha! This is so awesome. My old roommate as well as my childhood best friend were both avid sleep talkers. I really miss those days :) We had some great conversations!

  3. Bwahahah…I used to sleep talk and sleep walk! My mom said in high school that I came downstairs at 2am requesting to practice my clarinet piece for her. Funny thing is, my clarinet was in the shop, and WHY would I want to practice at 2am? Silly me…I don't even remember it!

  4. Hahaha – love this! Brad used to have night terrors before I talked him into seeing a specialist (for my sanity). I've always wanted to write about some of his antics but fear for the retribution :)

  5. If Nick had his own blog, I guarantee he'd have some of these for me, too :) We are both sleep-talkers, and we like to ask the other questions to get the funniest material out of each other! My college roommates have some funny stories about me talking in my sleep, too.

  6. This is hilarious! Jason does the same thing, we still laugh about the time he told me the vegetables needed parking. He got so mad at me b/c I thought it was funny and he was serious b/c they would be really upset with them if they couldn't find parking.

  7. My husband isn't a sleep talker, but he laughs in his sleep all the time. Like, out loud, knee-slapping, joyful laughter. He says he has the funniest dreams.

  8. I think these are my favorite posts of yours!

    I didn't have any stories like this until a few nights ago, when TH rolled off the bed *bam!* and then when I asked him what happened he told me I pushed him off, and kept insisting that I had done so. Which, if you see how I sleep now, in a little fort with pillow on either side and pregnant belly preventing me from rolling over very easily, couldn't possibly be true.

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