cold beers + a touch of nostalgia

Over the weekend I celebrated the big 3-0 with some family and a few close friends down the shore. Since I’m a glutton for DIY and I love any excuse to break out my Gocco, I decided to put together some little party favors for the lovely folks who made the trek to the Jersey shore to party with me.

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea of screen printing some can coozies for my guests, since adult beverages would surely be making an appearance over the weekend. I found several websites that sold blank can coozies, but the only site I came across that allows you to mix and match colors without a minimum purchase was At 99 cents each, I ordered a mix of navy, teal, and fuchsia coozies (my order was shipped the same day), and created a design that was similar to my email invitiation. Using my Gocco and silver ink, I printed the design and fell in love with the sweet results.

I decided not to stop there when I found a little store in town that had a great selection of candy that brought me back to my childhood. I mean, what better way to celebrate turning 30 than with candy cigarettes, Pop Rocks, and candy buttons?? I also threw in some salt water taffy for good measure.

When I printed the can coozies, I had remembered that there was a package of brown paper lunch bags in our kitchen, so I decided to make use of the Gocco screen while I already had it inked up and I printed my design on the bags. They ended up being the perfect finishing touch — I put all of the goodies inside the bags and they looked incredibly adorable awaiting the arrival of my guests.

The coozies (and the candy) were a big hit! I had fun putting everything together and I’m glad that the goodies added a little something to the festivities. ‘Twas a great weekend!


  1. these look awesome! i never thought about gocco’ing some coozies! did you use the t-shirt ink or just the regular paper ink?

  2. Adorable!! You have the best attention to detail. And I can’t believe you can still get candy cigarettes! I used to love those so much. Yum. So how does it feel to be 30? :)

  3. So clever! I had to look up the gocco…what a cool machine! Hope it was a blast.

  4. Oh goodness… you may have just completely sent me down a bad birthday spiral hole with our friends who are coozie crazy! That site is now bookmarked!!

  5. Sooo cute! Seeing cute projects like this makes me wish I hadn’t sold my gocco. :o(

  6. Ooh, I love the gocco’d details. How did you gocco on the coozie? Did you just squash the coozie flat?

  7. Seriously amazing! I love a good coozie, and the design is just so fun and CUTE!!!

  8. This is too cool! What a brilliant idea (and a perfect excuse to finally break out my Gocco again).

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