the yummiest easy brownies ever

Last week I made some brownies for my friend/co-worker, Maggie’s, birthday. I had made these chocolate chip cookie dough brownies once a few years ago, and they were absolutely incredible… so I haven’t made them since. Why? Because I’ll only eat them!

Well, Maggie’s birthday made me want to try them out again, against my better judgment, particularly after my friend Emily reminded me that she had tried (and loved) the same recipe after seeing it on Bakerella. Damn peer pressure.

Anywho, I highly recommend this recipe if you’re looking for something incredibly easy and sickeningly sweet and delicious.

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

I love any excuse to break out the Pyrex bowls Nick bought for me off of eBay a few years ago (after I kicked myself for not buying them when we found the full set at a flea market). One of the many reasons I married him.

First up was the brownie mix.

It’s pretty much a requirement that you lick the spatula clean after spreading the brownie mixture into the pan.

Next up: cookie mix.

Yummmmmm cookie dough.

Again with the spatula and the licking. It’s a requirement.

Voila! The magic of the internet. Yummy baked cookie dough brownie goodness.

After these cooled off for a bit, I spread some chocolate icing on top, brought them into the office the next morning, and let my co-workers go nuts.

Oh, the carnage.

They obviously hated them. Yup.


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