SYTYCD | top 18

Here we are again! Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

Randi and Evan | Jive | “Shake a tail Feather
Randi is stunning…. and Evan looked a little erratic at first. But they really pulled it together nicely and it was a very fun, solid number. That jump that Evan did over Randi is unbelievable! These two just look like they are genuinely having a great time and I love how their personalities shine through.

Melissa and Ade | Jazz | “24 Hours”
Oh how I adore Sonya’s choreography. I am really loving these two dancers and I am starting to think they will be able to pull off any style. It was nice to see Melissa stray from that “ballerina” persona and I think she did an amazing job with this routine that is clearly very far from her comfort zone. Overall I loved all of the sharp movements and I think they pulled it off amazingly well. And Ade is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Caitlin and Jason | Hip Hop | “Missin You
Caitlin’s timing seemed a little late once again, and I was definitely more drawn to Jason in this number. Not a fan of C’s little breakdown solo (too much sex and not enough dancing) and this was just not one of my favorite Shane numbers. Overall it just didn’t seem really challenging and they didn’t mesh well together. Zero chemistry. I’m thinking bottom 3 couples for these two.

Janette and Brandon | Disco | “Loving is Really My Game
These disco numbers are always so freaking fast!!! I have seen many a couple falter and slow down by the middle of the song because they can’t keep up. These two really brought it, though. I was bummed when Janette seemed to fall out of that one move because otherwise she was so on top of her game, but she covered pretty well and I think the rest of the number made up for it. OMG, did Mary just say “NOT!!!!”…. twice? Oy.

Asuka and Vitolio | Waltz | “Dreams are More Precious
I was really rooting for these two to do better than last week because I think they were cheated with bad choreography (boo, Tyce!). This number was really beautiful and I actually got goosebumps while watching (but I’ve always been a closet Enya fan, too). Asuka has the most beautiful lines and extensions. She totally stole this number, but Vitolio did a great job supporting her. I think they definitely redeemed themselves.

Kayla and Max | Pop Jazz | “Hot Like Wow”
Brian Friedman, I am not liking the shaved head on you. Moving on… Kayla is seriously amazing. I just love watching her. Sorry Max, I really didn’t pay attention to you (and can someone in wardrobe PLEASE be reprimanded for putting Max in that horrible costume?). She just commands the stage and has so much strength while making it all look effortless.

Karla and Jonathan | Contemporary | “Falling Slowly”
Yay for a new choreographer… always nice to have some fresh ideas! Even though the judges loved them last week, I did not. I was waiting to be impressed by these two, and fortunately they redeemed themselves with this number. The lifts were stunning and Karla has amazing control. Jonathan was also really impressive this week, and I’m so glad. I really wanted to like this couple! I’m glad I can now.

Jeanine and Phillip | Tango | “Violento”
It was clear that these two knew nothing about the tango when going through the choreography. I was nervous for them. I think they pulled it off okay, but Jeanine seemed to be leading and I thought Phillip looked like he was just her prop (and not in a good way). He didn’t have the confidence needed for this dance, although compared to what he usually does, it was still impressive. I have to agree with Mary that the technique was not up to par. I’m afraid that Phillip isn’t going to be able to master the other styles enough to stay in the competition.

Ashley and Kupono | Hip Hop | “Imma Be”
I just adored these two last week, especially Ashley. Love her love her love her. I think she is stunning on the stage. I loved the whole shadow concept in this number and these two executed it ridiculously well. The way Ashley “walked” while lying sideways on the stage was really cool. To be honest I didn’t watch Kupono at all (oops) because I thought Ashley was a lot stronger. The judges really didn’t seem to like it, but I thought it was cool. I’m guessing they’ll be in jeopardy, though.

Predictions for the bottom three couples:
Caitlin and Jason
Jeanine and Phillip
Ashley and Kupono

Who I think should go home tomorrow night:
Caitlin and Phillip

Disclaimer: these are just my opinions. Please be nice in the comments as this is all in good fun :-)


  1. i loved loved loved "falling slowly." the song was perfect + the choreography amazing. they danced it beautifully and i watched it 3 times.

  2. I think people really like Phillip, so I'm not sure if I see him going home. I think Caitlin will go home though. I was actually surprised she made top 20.

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