SYTYCD season 6 | top 20


  • Wow, Billy Bell AND Noelle are out? Well, Noelle may be back next week if her injury heals, but that knee brace sure doesn’t look very promising. I like her, though — hope she gets another chance.
  • I like Channing’s stage presence. Although it was far from perfect, I think she stole the jive number… Phillip who?
  • Jakob. Whoa. Where did he come from, and why didn’t I notice him before???
  • Ashleigh’s hands were icky. Like, Michelle Kwan icky. (I was always distracted by her bad hands when she skated.)
  • Oh, Peter. Your accent makes me ashamed of being a Philadelphian. And your dance with Ariana didn’t do a lot for me.
  • I really like Russell and I hope he can make it past losing his partner in the first week. I think he’s charming.
  • SO excited Travis is back choreographing! Love him! Beautiful piece, just wish Bianca had better technique. Point your damn toes, girl! (I wrote that before Adam said it, thankyouverymuch.)
  • I love that there is a “Glee” song on the show. Did not really like the dance to “Push It,” though. What is Mary screaming about??
  • Ellenore rocks. Aside from the fact that I don’t really like Ryan’s personality, I could find nothing wrong with their dance. Amazing.
  • I don’t remember Brandon at all from Vegas. I think he and Pauline have cute chemistry.
  • I like Kathryn, despite her annoying crying in the final round of Vegas. She surprised me with hip hop like Jeanine did last season. I see her going far.
  • I was rooting for Mollee over the last few weeks, but I think her youth and inexperience showed in the disco. It seemed sloppy in many parts, although it is SUCH a fast dance and difficult for the first top 20 show, so the judges seemed to overlook the sloppiness.

Tonight’s dances and my grades:

  1. Channing + Phillip | Jive | “Rockin’ Robin” | B-
  2. Ashleigh + Jakob | Broadway | “Hit Me With a Hot Note” | B+
  3. Ariana + Peter | Hip Hop | “Black & Gold” | C+
  4. Noelle (sub: Melanie) + Russell | Fox Trot | “Vagabond Shoes” | B+
  5. Bianca + Victor | Contemporary | “Wasted Time” | B-
  6. Karen + Kevin | Cha Cha | “Push It” | C+
  7. Ellenore + Ryan | Contemporary Jazz | “Arcadia” | A
  8. Pauline + Brandon | Smooth Waltz | “You Light Up My Life” | B-
  9. Kathryn + Legacy | Hip Hop | “On & On” | A-
  10. Mollee + Nathan | Disco | “Turn The Beat Around” | B

SPOILER ALERT | Bottom 4 and Going Home
(So, this is how they’re gonna do it with the World Series coming up… nuts!)
Bottom 4: Ariana, Pauline, Brandon, Russell (wha????)
Going Home: Ariana and Brandon (thank goodness it’s not Russell… phew!)


  1. I had the show DVRed until this weekend, so I couldn't comment until now, but I totally agree with you on all points! I kept cringing during Mollee and Nathan's disco. Although they're a cute couple, the technique was *awful.* And I loved Ellenore and Ryan, though the best in SYTYCD history? I don't think so. It reminded me of the Memoirs of a Geisha dance from the third season though, which I loved!

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