some winter color

I’d like to think that I don’t need to spend money on material things to feel fulfilled… but sometimes, buying pretty things just makes me feel good. I have been SO good about not spending frivolously since Nick got laid off (are you tired of hearing about that yet?), but today I saw this happy, lovely bag and it was calling my name.

My warmest winter coat is black, I have a black scarf that I wear most days, and my knit hat is gray, so I was feeling the need for some color to brighten up my winter wardrobe. I am really, really picky about my handbags, so finding something that was a good size (not too big/not too small) AND wasn’t a boring color made it a no-brainer. It is the first non-necessity that I have purchased for myself in a month and a half, so I didn’t feel guilty.

The best part? This kelly green beauty was only $24.99 at Target, one of my favorite stores ever. Thank you, Target. You have redeemed yourself from the gold lamé leggings debacle, and you made my day (and my wardrobe) sunnier without emptying my wallet.


  1. What a cute bag! My current purse is also a $25 Target purchase – you can never go wrong in that store, in my opinion:) Great find!

  2. Ha ha, I remember the gold lame leggings! And that’s a great purse — I used to have a winter coat that color, and it never failed to make me happy on dark winter days….

  3. ok, we are purse soulmates. i was in desperate need of a new purse as well (despite my empty wallet) and stumbled upon this beauty this week and snagged it up! too funny!

  4. damn it, mine already broke! the front thingy doesn’t snap on anymore and i only used it once. le sigh. hopefully there will still be some at target so i can do a wee exchange :)

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