my birthday presents to myself

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes on Wednesday :-) My day was perfectly wonderful and wonderfully relaxing. I bought myself a few goodies with some birthday cash, including this adorable top from my favorite store, Fossil:

… and this cute Franco Sarto tote bag on sale from Macy’s, which included a little wristlet and a matching umbrella (I’m a sucker for coordinating freebies):

I was obviously in a very purple mood!

My mom also picked up a bottle of Clinique Happy, my favorite scent, for me — my last bottle that I’ve had for almost two years is just about empty. I wear this every day!

Clinique Happy

Do you buy yourself birthday presents when your special day rolls around?


  1. Happy late birthday! I found your page through Mrs. Shortcakes site :) Love the shirt and the bag I think I need to look into–beautiful!

  2. i love clinique happy! i'm using clinique happy heart these days. happy belated birthday!

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