fancy schmancy new jewelry stand

Remember those fun jewelry stands I blogged about? Turns out I didn’t have to make my own… Nick surprised me with one for our anniversary a few weeks ago! Last weekend I finally got it all set up, and I also nailed some 1″ brads into my cheapo mirror for hanging all of my necklaces.

It makes me soooo happy, having everything in its little place now.

While going through my mess of a jewelry box to get it set up, I found a few pairs of earrings I had forgotten about, and I’ve also been experimenting more with my necklaces now that they’re not a big tangled mess that I don’t have time to go through in the morning when I’m getting dressed. I’ve always had a hard time accessorizing with my outfits, but having everything so organized and pretty has made it easier for me to get a little better at pairing things with certain ensembles. I’m getting a wee bit better.

Bonus: this also takes care of number 56 on my 101 in 1001 list.


  1. Very nice! I just went through all my jewelry and finally sorted out the ones I don't wear anymore (ummm…yeah, I don't need that cabbage patch necklace I wore in elementary school to be with my pearls and everyday ware!). I like the idea of just putting up some brads on a mirror; I may have to steal that idea.

  2. Yeah, that mirror is a cheapie vertical mirror that I got at Target 6 years ago, and I have it hanging horizontally over my dresser. I figured I didn't want to put more nails in the wall, but I didn't mind putting them in the mirror since it's kind of a hunk of junk :-) The bedroom renovation will soon be in full swing, so I'll probably re-hang the necklaces then!

  3. Ahh, so pretty! The stand is great, but your jewelry collection is FABulous! I spy Twigs & Honey :)

  4. What a clever girl you are to marry Nick. Now all you need to do is blog about what you want/need, right before Christmas, birthdays & anniversaries and Nick need not ever be stuck again.

  5. Very cute! I too have been coveting a nice jewelry display as all of my earrings etc. currently live in a little metal tin I got from a toiletry set.

  6. Ohhhh very cute! I love the way the earrings hang! Currently I have about five lipstick organizers from the container store that I use to hold all my earrings. They are clear hard accrylic containers and can stack on top of each other. It works but I just have so much jewelry that I have stuggle to find a good display/organizer for it!

  7. can you please tell me where Nick got this? it's my friend's birthday soon and this would be a perfect gift!! thanks a bunch!!

  8. Anonymous, it's from Pottery Barn Kids! There is a link to the item in the original post I wrote about jewelry stands (which I linked to in the first line of this post). Hope that helps!

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