but I don’t have anything to wear!

It was about 12 degrees when I woke up this past Monday and there were four inches (and counting) of freshly fallen snow on the ground. Today, Saturday, the snow was almost melted, the temperature was in the mid-60s, and it rose to the mid-70s by noon. FINALLY! Spring!

I was excited to break out my favorite flats while leaving my socks snug in their drawer, wear a 3/4-length sleeved shirt with no jacket, and drive around with the windows down. After the initial excitement, though, I started my usual beginning-of-the-season-fashion-freakout. What clothes from last spring will still work/fit/make me feel cute? What shoes should I invest in now so I have at least two great staples to get me through the next several months? How am I going to replenish and spruce up my wardrobe on a tiny (very, very tiny) budget?

Then I came across this post about a clothing swap on one of my favorite daily reads, What I Wore. (I love her unique style and ability to put together adorable, fashionable outfits on a budget). Yes — a clothing swap is what I need! While I have gotten much better at regularly purging clothes in my wardrobe that have gone unworn for too long, the feeling of satisfaction that I get from donating is sometimes also matched with the feeling that I now have even less to choose from and work with. A clothing swap, however, where I am trading clothes I no longer need for some fresh, new (to me) items, would be a good way to spruce up my wardrobe without spending any money.

In no time I’m bound to have an enviable wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw’s, right?

I am wondering, if I found a place to do such a thing, if my local friends and acquaintances would be up for it. We’re all feeling the crunch of this economy, and we would all benefit from it in some way. Perhaps a new project in my future…


  1. A clothing swap is actually a really good idea. I’m notorious for buying things and leaving them to sit in my closet with the price tags still on them. Whoops! (This reminds me I should probably purge my closet soon . . .)

  2. My friends and I have been talking about having one for the longest time but we just can’t get organized. :) I think it’s a fabulous idea! It would be even better to figure out a way to do it with girls you don’t know since I always thought it would be a little weird to see your own clothing on someone else. Of course, that presents a whole myriad of challenges (are they similar sizes? styles? will everyone bring the same amount/caliber of clothing?). I hope you keep us posted if you end up doing it!

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