America’s favorite dancer…. {spoiler alert!}

… is Russell? Wow. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Russell. Charismatic, adorable, humble and super talented. I looked forward to his performances each week. But Jakob is like… UNFATHOMABLY talented. Boy’s got skills I have never quite seen on this show. I really thought the top two would be Kathryn and Jakob and that Jakob would take home the win. I was wrong.

Then again… Jakob and Kathryn are contemporary dancers and they will probably have an easier time getting jobs and offers from companies with the exposure the show provided them, even without a win… as a krumper, the win is a huge boost to Russell’s lesser-known specialty and will probably allow him to make a career out of dance that he may not have had otherwise.

What do you think, So You Think You Can Dance fans? Did America pick the right dancer?


  1. Obvs my Google Reader gave me the other post before this one…

    I was rooting for Russell over Jakob for exactly the reason you've mentioned. Jakob and Katherine can get jobs *anywhere* – especially Jakob, who was a joy to watch to be sure.

    One of the reasons I love SYTYCD is the fact that not all of the contestants glide effortlessly through the challenges; I get to watch some dancers reach outside themselves, drop the facades they've been carrying, and grow and learn. I get to watch the joy and excitement as they expand into new styles, and Russell really embodied that for me this season. I loved all six of the finalists (except for Kathryn, I have to be honest – she bored me) but had Russell, Jakob, or Ellenore won I would have been happy.

    Side note: how cute were Ryan and Ashleigh this season? Give me a man crying for love and I'm a puddle on the floor.

  2. I was rooting for Russell, Ellenore and Kathryn once they announced the top 6 but I knew it would be Russell from the start. Mostly it was because of his personality.

    Both Jakob and Kathryn were so so technically good. They're incredibly talented and made every dance they did look effortless – even better they made their partners look fantastic every time. But (and this is a big but) I never connected with either of them personality-wise. Kathryn always stood there with a smile and nodded, Jakob seemed to do the same. The only thing I remember about him is that he was bff's with Jeanine from last season. Honestly, I saw more of Jakob's personality in his final highlights reel than I did all season which is a shame because he seemed fun.

    I however was NOT rooting for Ashleigh or Ryan pretty much all season. She was the one who tended to bore me and for some reason they annoyed me from the start. When they were in the top 6 after she couldn't even dance I was pretty disappointed. Playing the sympathy/married card was a cheap trick and America bought it. If Mollee and Legacy had been in the finale, I wouldn't have had any clue who would be eliminated first – but with Ash and Ryan it was obvious that they would be #'s 5 and 6. It's sweet and all, but I hate gimmicks, and this felt too much like one.

  3. I thought Jakob was the best dancer, but like you said, he will have absolutely no problem getting work. When we saw the results, I said to my wife that this will be a huge boost to Russell's career, but I don't think the win would have mattered one way or another for Jakob's. Kathryn is a great dancer, but I don't think she had the charisma to be crowned "America's favorite dancer." I am just so glad that Ashleigh or Ryan didn't win. As you know, those two bugged the crap out of me and I was disappointed that Mollee (*gasp*) and Legacy weren't up there in their place. However, I do think that the married couple cancelled each other out in votes, (as Legacy might have cancelled out some of Russell's votes) so I guess it was a good thing that they were both up there. Overall, I'm happy though I didn't like how rushed the season felt and I agree with your tweet that the opening was so bad (where they were talking).

  4. I was sooo rooting for Jakob or Kathryn, and I voted a ton!! My mouth dropped when Russell was named winner… and I thought it was funny how his knee seemed fine after his name was announced… but then again, I'm sure the adrenaline kicked in. I just thought that whole scenario with the mic issues and his injury made for a weird finale!

  5. Kathryn was my favorite, and I do think Jakob was the best dancer, BUT how can you not love Russel.

  6. Excellent points, ladies. And @Two Chicks Nest — YES, as long as Ashleigh or Ryan didn't win, I was pretty much going to be a happy camper! I liked her more throughout the season, but still didn't think she deserved the win. And, well, you know how I feel about Ryan and his meaty muscles. Ick.

    I was very surprised that Russell won, but yes — this will open doors for him that wouldn't have opened otherwise!

    I wish this season hadn't been so rushed, also, and I look forward to another summer season that will be a bit more spread out :-)

  7. I just found this blog after following your wedding on WeddingBee, and I just had to comment on this one!

    I definitely agree with you all that Ashleigh and Ryan were shoe-ins for 5th and 6th. If Ashleigh hadn't been hurt and if Ryan hadn't been married to her, then I think Legacy would have been in the running for the win – I loved Russell but think that it helped him out that Legacy wasn't in top 6!

    Kathryn, Jakob, and Ellenore definitely have great professional careers in their future, though – they were

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